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I’m back finally!

November 1st, 2011 (06:18 pm)

How The Darkness Feels: confused
Ear Candy: Pink or LMFAO

Wow the last thing I posted was for Christmas…well time to blow the dust off this account and start posting again =) been slacking a bit and lost the information to this account!  Time to write again!

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Merry Christmas!!!!

December 25th, 2009 (08:15 pm)

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Merry Christmas to everyone @ bau_fic and all my LJ friends!!!!  Hope your holiday was as magical as mine!

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Already Gone

December 23rd, 2009 (05:43 pm)

How The Darkness Feels: cold

Title: Already Gone
Rated: Mild R
Disclaimer: Not mine but always a pleasure to serve.
Pairing: Morgan/Reid
Summary: Based on the lyrics by Kelly Clarkson.


Remember all the things we wanted
Now all our memories, they're haunted
We were always meant to say goodbye
Even with our fists held high
It never would've worked out right
We were never meant for do or die

I didn't want us to burn out
I didn't come here to hurt you
Now I can't stop

This wouldn't have been so hard for Derek if Spencer were someone else.  Someone he didn't really care for.  But it was for the best.  Or so he had convinced himself.

He was going to slip the envelope under his door when Spencer opened the door.  Derek stood straight again and cast his look to the floor. 

"What are you doing?" Spencer asked as if he had no idea.

"We need to let this go..." he was already pulling at Derek.  Trying to get him in the apartment for hot sex but Derek had his mind made up.

Derek shoved his hands away fiercely to which Spencer hung his head and swallowed the lump in his throat.

"All right...but first can't we just talk?"

"There's nothin to talk out.  This is what we need to do and you know it.  We can't keep this from our team forever and I'm not willing to relocate to another department.  I'm sorry." he held the envelope out to him.

Spencer looked at him increduously.  He then took it but not before Morgan held his hand tightly.

"Four years...four years of our lives.  This is how you tell me it's over?  What were you just going to shove this under my door and run?  Coward!" Spencer tore it in half and threw the pieces at him then slammed the door.

Derek felt the tears finding their way out.  He poured his heart into the letter and he really didn't come to hurt Spencer.  He raised his fist to the door then dropped it solemnly.  The tears erupted from his ducts.  He placed his hand on the door and sobbed then walked away.

I want you to know that it doesn't matter
Where we take this road
Someone's gotta go
And I want you to know
You couldn't have loved me better
But I want you to move on
So I'm already gone

Spencer was on the other side of the door waiting for Derek to knock.  He brought his ear close he could hear the sobs.  He looked through the peep hole to see him walking away.  His tears fell faster and harder every step Derek took away from his door and his life.

He waited a few minutes of insanity.  Rocking and crying hysterically he flew up from the sofa and ripped the front door open.  Hoping, praying he had returned but he hadn't but the note remained on the floor.  He picked up the last two pieces of Derek Morgan he owned.

Spencer decided he was never going to read it but just secretly lock it away.  A reminder of just who he was pining over. 

"You didn't even have the decency to sit down and talk to me about this..." he said stashing it in a small wooden box and putting it in his closet.

Looking at you makes it harder
But I know that you'll find another
That doesn't always make you want to cry
Started with a perfect kiss
Then we could feel the poison set in
Perfect couldn't keep this love alive
You know that I love you so
I love you enough to let you go

Derek and Spencer had a stare down all day.  Everytime Derek came around even if he wasn't talking to Spencer he would feel the glare of his ex-lover's eyes upon him.  And it was true that he was staring at Spencer every chance he got.

He could tell the young man was broken.  It took all his strength to keep from running to wrap his arms around him.  But he knew Spencer wouldn't accept that now and Derek had to suck up his emotions and stay focused on the reasons it was over.

Both sat there worrying and wondering if the other would find someone else and how  quickly.  Even though Derek hoped Spencer would find someone who could love him without the constant worry of losing his job or something more dangerous happening.

At the end of the day Spencer was leaving he asked Prentiss to hand his paperwork into Derek so he wouldn't have interaction.  Derek rushed to catch him.

"What the hell is this?" Derek asked irate.

"It's my paperwork..." Spencer rolled his eyes and went to walk away.

"Yes, I know what it is but what?  You can't bring it to me yourself?"

Was Derek really going to push this with him?  Spencer turned around and couldn't find the words they were jumble with screams in his brain.

"Kind of like you with that letter?  I'm sorry did it hurt your feelings I didn't bring the damn paperwork to your desk?  Next time I'll send it through the postal mail..."

"You know what stop right there!  Just because we had a relationship and now it's over we need to maintain a respectful and communcative rapport at work..."

"Yeah thanks for the repeat of the employee handbook and all but I'm transfering out of the BAU I can't work here with you.  I can't stand to look at you any longer!"

That hurt Derek deeper than he let Spencer see at that moment.  He said nothing more and Spencer walked away.

"I love you Spencer...but I had to do it."

I'm already gone, already gone
You can't make it feel right
When you know that it's wrong
I'm already gone, already gone
There's no moving on
So I'm already gone

There was a knock on Spencer's door.  He opened it and much to his annoyance it was Derek.

"Why do you keep rubbing this in my face?  Do you like repeatedly stabbing me in the chest?" he asked in a shrill tone.

"All right one night...give me one night with you and if in the morning I still feel it's wrong then I leave for good and you can't leave the BAU.  If it's right we stay together and I'll personally talk to Strauss for you."

Spencer was smiling on the inside.  This was his chance to prove to Derek they belonged together.

The intimate play and touching always drove both men wild for each other.  Derek had the advantage over Spencer enough to dominate him.  Which was fine to Spencer who preferred submissive roles anyways. 

"Come on Superman don't let this fire burn out" Spencer planted small wet kisses on Derek's chest down to his abdomen.

Derek felt so conflicted.  He knew he still loved Spencer but he knew it was over.  No amount of sex would fix their problems or the fact that they were starting to act unprofessionally at work.

"Do you love me Derek?" Spencer sounded like a scared child than a grown man.

"Of course I do, that's why I'm letting you go.  You've got to find yourself and find someone out there who will be able to love Spencer Reid for who he is and don't think for a second you're worthless to me or yourself.  I'm in a position of power right now and I'm not being objective anymore.  Please read the letter.  It says more than I can right now."

He got out of the bed, dressed and left Spencer stinging.  His heart was a fire of emotion and hurt.  He sat on the bed and stared at the closet. 

It didn't matter what the letter said.  He just wanted to remember Derek's last 'I love you' everything else would blur out. 

Remember all the things we wanted
Now all our memories, they're haunted
We were always meant to say goodbye






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Slow To Ecstasy

December 10th, 2009 (01:04 pm)

How The Darkness Feels: bouncy
Ear Candy: Blame It (Young Joc Remix) - Jamie Foxx & T-Pain

Title: Slow To Ecstasy
Rated: M
Pairing: Hotch/Prentiss/Reid
Fic Requester: sexysimone_s
Summary: A rainy night in with Reid was just supposed to be friendly. Hotch gets stranded with them. With no place to go and no electricity!

"I win again!" Prentiss exclaimed throwing the fake money down on the Monolopy game board.

"You always pick games that require no mental function at all!" Reid said slumping over.

"Yeah that would mean I would win...see if we were playing Cranium I'd be so pissed off right now"

"So are you going to feed me woman or what?" Reid said reaching a hand up for her to help him off the floor. She lifted him up easily.

"I'm sorry did I take you to raise?" she smirked heading towards the kitchen.

Reid pulled off the perfect puppy pout. His big eyes looked watery and his bottom lip started poking out.

"Oh geez! Fine what'd you want"

"Whatever is good in casa de Prentiss" he sat at her kitchen table. She opened the fridge.

"Uhoh. Looks like casa de Prentiss has nada. I haven't been home long enough to buy food. Well let's see, I have sliced kiwi, cream cheese, a bear shaped bottle of honey, and beer. Lots of beer."

He wasn't hearing anything of good taste at the moment. But before he could answer there was a knock on the door.

"Who in the world could that be?"

"Give you ten to one odds it's a team member...and if I'm correct on who it is you must order me Chinese take-out"

"You're so on...I say it's Morgan"

"Why? Okay logic dictates I know only one man who stays out this late, and judging by how bad it's storming they live a little farther away so I'm going to have to say Hotch"

The knocking grew louder and both Prentiss and Reid came to the entry way.

"Lets see if you're right" she looked in the peephole. And much to her disappointment Reid was correct. She saw Hotch's stony expressive face staring at her door.

"Damn!" she cursed looking back at Reid smirking. She unlocked the door and opened it.

"Sorry Emily but my car went off the road and I had to walk and thankfully yours was the nearest place" that would explain why he was dripping wet.

"Reid go in the bathroom closet and get me a couple towels. Here come in" he removed his shoes at the door while waiting for Reid to bring the towels.

She helped him remove his coat which was clinging to his shirt. After she turned away to put the coat on the rack next to the door she turned to see Hotch taking off his shirt. A small gasp of desparation escaped her lips. She was mesmerized by his naked flesh. Reid came back with two white towels and caught sight of Prentiss staring at a now half-naked Hotch. He cleared his throat. She snapped to attention blushing.

"Here you are" Hotch took them as Prentiss made her way quickly back to the kitchen.

"Who wants a beer? God knows I could use one..." she mumbled the last part but Reid heard every word.

"That would nice" Hotch patting his skin with towels.

"Do you have a dryer in your apartment Emily?" Hotch asked wiping his hair and face. She peeked in to see him toussling his hair and her mouth dropped open but no words came out. She ducked back into the kitchen. There was a flush of heat all over her face down to her gentitals.

"Yeah" she finally managed to squeak out.

Reid turned away from Hotch chuckling a little. He so was going to rag on Prentiss later.

"I left my bag in my car...so just to warn you I'll be running around your apartment in my boxers" he called to her in the kitchen. Reid heard glass shatter and decided now would be a good time to pick at her.

He came in to see her putting two beers on the counter and trying to clean up the mess of the third bottle. Her blouse was soaked and she was dragging the mop into the glass. Reid broke into laughter.

"Shut up Reid..." she blushed even more until it was noticeable.

He started making kissy faces. She turned to see him with his back to her and his hands groping his shoulders.

"Oh Hotch...kiss me! Make passionate love to me!" she slapped him twice on his shoulder blade.

"Shut up before he hears you! It's not like that!"

"Oh sure...I saw you staring at him! Why didn't you just take a wad of ones out of your purse!" Reid whispered in a laugh.

"I swear to God if you keep this up I'll let you starve to death!" she pointed her finger at him sternly but he was still laughing.

She then went into hypnotic mode when Hotch walked by the kitchen heading towards the bathroom. He had his boxers on and socks.

"I need to change my shirt!" she pushed Reid aside and headed towards the back.

"Should I leave to give you two privacy?" he joked she grabbed a hand towel hanging on the stove and threw it at him.

"Shut up!"

The bathroom door was cracked when she walked by it. She raised her blouse and got it off before going into her bedroom. Hotch was coming out in time to see her unsnapping her bra. He felt intrusive but intrigued. Emily had very nice, perky breasts. She was rummaging through her dresser for a huge jersey shirt. Hotch put himself back into the bathroom a ways so he couldn't be suspected of watching. He heard the zipper on her jeans unzip she then slid them down and kicked out of them.

Reid was wondering if they had both wound up in the bedroom so he walked to the hall and saw Hotch staring into Prentiss's bedroom. He then looked into the room to see her throwing the big shirt over head then grabbing the lotion bottle. She squirted a dime size amount onto her palm then from foot to thigh she smoothed her hand up and down. Lingering on her inner thighs. With the angle she had her leg up on the chair both men could see her ass hanging out of her mesh blue boy shorts. Giving the both of them equal arousal.

They watched her lotion the other leg before Hotch disappeared back into the bathroom and Reid headed towards the living room. Prentiss threw her hair up in a pony tail and walked into the living room.

"He's in boxers and you're in that...I'm so over dressed" Reid commented seductively.

Emily was lighting a candle when she felt herself blush again. She didn't let Reid see because Hotch entered the room again.

"What?" he asked as both Reid and Prentiss were staring at him.

"Are you hungry? I'm going to order Chinese"

"That would be nice. Thank you." he sat down next to Reid. They looked each other up and down, one was fully dressed the other half naked it was too awkward.

They both turned their attention to Prentiss who was bent over looking for her phonebook. Her taut ass was up in the air just ready for a good smacking. Then Hotch and Reid caught sight of each other knowing they agreed on how undeniably uncomfortable they were in their respective bottoms.

"Ah here it is...I never use this thing anyways" she muttered to herself getting the phone. The power went out.

"Oh shit! Come on! We didn't even get to make the call to order!" she yelled aloud.

"Well I'm sure whatever you have here is fine" Hotch tried to distract himself. The mood was set but they wanted to do everything they could for a delay.

"HA! Tell him what's in your refridgerator Prentiss" Reid smirked.

"Fruit, honey, and beer"

"Is that really healthy?" Hotch asked and she narrowed her eyes.

"I'm not home much so why am I going to load the place down? Look I'll take the kiwi out it's really good with honey on it"

They just nodded as she went into the kitchen. Reid looked at Hotch to see if he could predict his thoughts by the look in his eyes. It was a distant and dreamy look. He was fantasizing. A few moments later Prentiss came back into the living room with a large tray of sliced kiwi and the bear shaped bottle.

"Yum!" Reid scoffed and Hotch let out a small snort.

"Okay tell you what Mr. Chef why don't you go in there and whip up something gourmet with no electricity!" she wedged herself between them on the sofa biting into a kiwi slice.

There was a long silence then Reid and Hotch burst into laughter.

"Even if you had electricity Emily you STILL couldn't cook!" Reid cracked up.

"Yeah remember how you tried to make your grandma's banana nut bread? We could've gave it to Morgan to catch an unsub with..." Hotch added high fiving Reid.

Reid took his cell phone out of his pocket and pretended to answer it.

"What's that Grandma Prentiss you want your granddaughter slapped for screwing up your bread? Um okay...she said don't quit your day job Emmy!" they laughed harder.

"Great I'm stuck with dumb and dumber until the power's back on! Could we at least be silent?" she growled.

"Um okay...pass me a kiwi will ya?" Reid asked.

"You seriously believe those big sad eyes of yours will get you anything you want don't you?"

"Yes" he agreed.

"Well, maybe until you open your mouth!" she quipped.

"Ooh...that's got some hang time" Hotch commented. He reached the same time Prentiss did for a piece of kiwi. She was profiled into him. They looked at one another with ragged breath.

"Sorry...go ahead."

"No you...get it"

Reid rolled his eyes.

"You know I may not carouse much but why don't you two just get IT over with"

"What are you talking about?" they both asked in unison.

"Oh please...don't make me drag the word out!" they gave him innocent looks.

"Fine...you know a little math add the two, subtract the clothes, divide the legs and multiply!" he said in one breath.

"Spencer Reid! I am appalled that you would think such a thing about your team members!" Prentiss mocked.

"Yeah I mean...me and her?" Hotch laughed heartily.

"You two are unbelievable there's so much sexual tension in this room the knife to cut it with is orgasming!"

Everyone fell silent for a minute. Prentiss looked at both Hotch and Reid. She put her hand on Reid's leg and trailed it down to his bulging crotch.

"We're unbelievable? You're such a hypocrite Reid! Your cock is as hard as my banana bread!"

Hotch snickered as Reid tried removing her hand but she clamped his tender parts in her fist.

"AHHH!" he squirmed around trying to get free.

"Okay you win! Please...I want kids someday!" she released and he exhaled deeply.

Prentiss grabbed the bottle of honey and gave it to Reid.

"You want something to eat? Here..." she stood up and removed her jersey. She threw it beside the couch then slipped out of her panties. She smacked the side of Hotch's leg to signal him to lay length wise.

"But first remove those boxers...and Mr. Overdressed remove almost everything keep your boxers on"

"Already taking command!" Reid and Hotch stood up and undressed. Hotch laid on the couch and Prentiss laid between his thighs. His cock stood erect against her backside. She opened her legs and wrapped them around Hotch's knees. She was spread wide open.

Reid shook the bottle gently then uncapped it. He squeezed until it ran down into Prentiss's hairless folds. She quivered a little feeling the cold flow. He was going to dip his head in when Prentiss held his forehead. She reached for a piece of kiwi and slipped it into his mouth it was hanging out.

"Good boy..." she pushed his head down. Prentiss gasped as he slid the kiwi into her clit to rub the honey around.

"Ohhhhh! OH! OHHHHH!" she wasn't good at lasting long especially when the kiwi was eaten and he started licking her.

Hotch rubbed his hands up and down her abs and stomach. He then cupped her breast with his right hand then with his left. His hand found his way to Reid's hair and began pushing him deeper into Prentiss's cunt.

She arched her back to meet his face as Hotch pulled him into her.

"MMMMMNNHHHH! I want to fuck your face Reid!" she wailed. She placed her hands on either sides of his face and lovingly stroked his cheeks. His glance met hers she gave him a feminine smile.

He licked his way down her ass crack then moved his tongue farther down to Hotch's balls. He snaked his hand up under Prentiss ass and pulled Hotch's stiff cock out. He worked his hand up and down while licking his tip.

Prentiss watched in amazement. She placed her hand between her legs and into her hot fuck box.

"Mmm I want it to fuck me! Fuck me with it Reid!" he smiled giving it deep throat. Hotch groaned out cupping her twat and groping at it wildly.

Reid popped the dick out of his mouth and teased her clit with it while Hotch held the lips open. A trail of pre-cum iced her moist folds as he pushed it into her hole and pulled it back out quickly.

"No...ohhhh more! Don't tease me!" she begged. She reached for Reid's boxer's as he stood up.

"I want you both...you're not just watching! You're working!" she moaned. He pulled them down and brought his awaiting member to her mouth. While Hotch's cock stroked the fire below she slurped and sucked Reid's cock.

"Oh Emily! You suck cock so good! Now I want to fuck your face!" he grabbed her ponytail and pulled her off and on his dick. They all began moaning and groaning louder.

"Suck him Emily! YES! DO IT!" Hotch pushed body upward until she was sitting on him backwards and working her hips. The rhythms matched harmoniously.

"I want to finish with Hotch in your twat!" Reid held her head tight then pulled her off aggressively. She laid back down with her back to Hotch's chest and recieved Reid between her legs.

He entered into her pussy with Hotch to double fuck Prentiss. She let out a loud scream. Reid kissed her so the neighbors wouldn't hear. He pulled her legs up higher so he could feel his balls make contact with Hotch's. Hotch closed his eyes and pulled Prentiss's face towards him for a kiss. He then pulled Reid closer and kissed him. Prentiss kissed their jaws while they were kissing.

"I'm cumming!" she cried out reaching her hands behind her to hold onto Hotch's shoulders. The boys broke their kiss to focus solely on her satisfaction. They drove into her harder and faster. The friction of their cocks rubbing made Hotch grab Reid's ass cheeks and pull him down.

"HARDER!" she cried.

She jolted around after she finished. There were three great spurts of wetness. The only noises heard were their erratic and heavy breathing.

The power didn't come back on until the next morning. They spent the rest of their night in Emily's bed with her sucking their cocks and watching them play with one another. For the sake of their team they never mentioned this to anyone and tried to pretend it never happened. But everytime it rains Prentiss tries to have a least Hotch or Reid over and she's even started trying to get Morgan or Rossi to come over as well!

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December 9th, 2009 (10:56 am)

How The Darkness Feels: drunk
Ear Candy: Lovestoned - Justin Timberlake

Title: Underbreath
Rated: PG
Pairing: Hotch/Reid
Summary: The shortest fic ever! It's a brief situation of "What'd you say?" between Hotch and Reid. This is the final fic for enmuse

Another typical end of day for the BAU. Prentiss and Morgan were making jokes down in the bullpen. Rossi was the first one out of the office. JJ was on the phone in her office lining up cases for later. But strangely Reid was following Hotch around talking his ear off.

Hotch stopped listening when he started in on Star Trek which Morgan and Prentiss got into that old familiar argument with Garcia involved. But what Hotch couldn't figure out is why he was cursed with Reid's constant babble. Usually he liked to drabble on and on to Rossi but as soon as he saw Reid coming ducked and dodged his way out the door. Asshole!

"Which is a really great documentary...I mean I was just blown away..." Hotch finally tuned in but didn't know what documentary he was talking about.

"Reid don't you have a fish to feed or a cat or someone else you can be talking to documentaries about?"

"I'm pretty sure I already told everyone about it and I even let Morgan borrow it..." Hotch grabbed his coat.

"Maybe I can get back and come over to watch it with you sometime"

"Maybe" Hotch didn't want discourage him but knew that Morgan had already thrown it out so he was spared the torture. He opened the door before Reid started into something else.

"I love you...." Reid blushed instantly. He didn't mean for the words to fly out of his mouth. He just meant to say goodbye. How the hell did it turn into an I love you?

"What did you say?" Hotch stopped and re-entered the doorway.

"Olive juice...love that stuff. Just thought..you'd want...to try some" Reid felt stupid all of sudden but hoped the lie would suffice.

"That's what I thought you said..."

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Somewhere In The Dark

December 4th, 2009 (07:33 pm)

How The Darkness Feels: aggravated
Ear Candy: Right Here Waiting - Staind

Title: Somewhere In The Dark
Fic Requester: enmuse
Rated: R
Pairing: Hotch/Reid
Summary: My second Hotch/Reid for enmuse kind of a small follow up to Solace. Hotch is starting to have severe nightmares about Haley and Foyet. Reid has to help him overcome them before he does something to end it all.

I don't mind staying here. I really don't have any objection to sleeping on a sofa for someone I really care about. But would it be asking too much of Hotch if he would buy a comfortable sofa? I can actually count the springs in this baby. And nevermind the fact this is the seventh night I've slept on this...whatever you want to call this. It's wood with fabric on it! Screw those damn commercials that insist you buy it for looks. Yeah, it looks cozy but it feels like a prison bed. And no I haven't been to prison but I've heard stories.

Okay I'm going off into a tangent but this sofa hurts! And I snapped at JJ earlier today before leaving. I didn't mean to but she was holding me up from coming to Hotch. Which he's snoring away. Way to go buddy! And I also nevermind that little Jack has decided I'm his new best buddy who he's sleeping with. But he must be so wore out because he doesn't even notice how impossible it is to comfy on this damn couch!

I can hear Hotch in between snores tossing and turning. He starts grumbling in his sleep and every once in a while he cries out.

"HALEY! HALEY!" and I rush in and hold him until he's asleep again.

Okay so it would make more sense to sleep with him in his big comfy bed. But to little Jack that might seem a wee bit scary and I don't think Hotch really realizes how I feel. Believe me everytime I go in there to console him I fight a raging battle within my pants. I know it's wrong...

It's just about that time again but maybe this time he'll tear and beat the pillows thinking it's Foyet. Or he'll scream out for Jack. He thinks I don't know he's having nightmares. But Aaron Hotchner is the kinda guy you let come to you not the other way around. Even though this is my fault I'm on this sofa because I knocked on the door and took charge.

I looked to the doorway to see Hotch standing there in his boxers. He looked sheepish, I looked down at his waistside and he had his gun in his hand. That was it for me, I have to do something. I slid out from under Jack very quickly but with ease. I had to approach with caution.

"Hotch? What'd you doing with your gun? Gi..give me the gun okay? We don't need Jack seeing it" he wasn't fully awake.

"Where's my son?" he growled.

"He's there on the couch...it's me Hotch, Reid remember?"

He took aim at me. I so did not sign up for this! But I have to keep in mind he's sleepwalking. Having a nightmare.

"Touch my son...I'll kill you!" tears streamed down his face. He was mistakening me for Foyet.

"George Foyet is dead Hotch...you killed him a.a..at your house." I came closer until the gun was aligned with heart.

"Hotch give me the gun. It's me Spencer..." he blinked a little bit then starting crying.

"I need help..." at least he was being honest now.

"I'm here..." I said taking the gun from his hand and pulling him into an embrace.

He collapsed into my arms. It felt unusual to be holding such a large man but it felt nice to know that only I was able to comfort him. I was unaware when I started embracing his face. I cupped his cheeks and held him from me. I planted a sweet kiss softly on his lips. He stopped crying and looked at me with wild confusion.


"I told you I love you..."

"Love?" he asked as if he were just discovering what the word meant.

"Hotch, I can go if you like..." what he did next surprised me. He returned my affections, full force.

After we made love I laid entertwined behind his back, stroking his hair.

"You're going to rest better now." I kissed his neck.

"No, they'll still find me..."


"My nightmares...they're lurking somewhere in the dark."

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Having Mercy

December 4th, 2009 (07:03 pm)

How The Darkness Feels: bouncy
Ear Candy: I'm Alive - Kenny Chesney & Dave Matthews

Title: Having Mercy
Rated: Mild R
Fic Requester: jooles
Disclaimer: Not mine but always a pleasure to serve.
Summary: A take on what happened during 'Nameless, Faceless' when we didn't see Hotch and Foyet and before Prentiss found him.

Hotch was in and out of conciousness when he felt Foyet drag him. He didn't move he just took shallow breaths and tried to relax. That seemed funny to him right now. Relaxing while he didn't know whether he'd live or die.

It was becoming daylight. Hotch saw the sun glistening into his apartment, catching his eyes. He wasn't sure what the exact time was but he knew if he didn't get medical attention soon it wouldn't be long before he was dead. Maybe that's what he wanted to be dead. But that would mean The Reaper would still be loose. He could still hurt and murder innocent people. Hotch was far from letting this son of a bitch win. He had to hang on a little longer. Hopefully someone from the team would try to call him and when they didn't get an answer would come looking for him. Hopefully.

"Okay Agent Hotchner we've got some milage to go before it's over..." Foyet was over Hotch's face. He was too woozy to argue or fight back.

Kill me. Why don't you just kill me?

Hotch felt terrible for thinking it just now. But he was weary from this encounter. And this is how Foyet wanted it, him wondering if he was actually going to survive. Most likely he wouldn't. But where was Foyet taking him? He pondered this and many other things.

Thoughts swirled into Hotch's brain. Memories creeped so suddenly into his worried mind. He tried to recall the last time he'd seen Jack and if he had kissed him. Told his son that he loved him. It was two weekends ago and it was cut short because Haley had planned a play date with a boy from Jack's school. There were hostile words from her while Hotch just soaked it up. He didn't have the power to fight Haley over anything anymore. She said it all when she filed for divorce and left their home.

His mind rummaged into recent events with his team. How they were coping with the last case and such a tragic way it ended. He wondered if he'd ever see them again. They were always the first people he made contact with and the last before the day was out. With his impending survival he wondered if the team knew how he really felt about them. All of them.

Hotch was proud of the team. His team. He would never let another step into his place unless it was one of the others. Memories of off the job came to forefront. Small jokes made on the plane or at the office when things weren't so serious. They each were filed into Hotch's memory. A smile surfaced as the memory of when JJ brought Henry in for the team to see. They were all so excited. It was one of the many times there was a familial relationship. Then it hit him. Their faces may now just be memories. He saw their faces in one instant fading from him. Hotch let out a painful gasp accompanied by tears.

"What's the matter Agent Hotchner? Does it hurt?" Foyet grinned.

It wasn't the pain of being stabbed. It was the pain of knowing he may never see the team again. So strange that Jack and Haley were a little further from his thoughts. But Haley made that possible. He couldn't help it now that he and his team were constantly around one another. Their lives seemingly blended into his own. And at this very moment he'd give anything, last breath included to see them one more time. To tell them how he felt and what he just realized. He could imagine their reactions. They might be surprised or they might not notice. He knew they were special they proved that to him time and time again. Too bad for Hotch he had trouble showing them this.

Hotch finally became aware of where he was. The back door of his apartment complex. Foyet was taking him in semi-broad daylight but was positive no one notice a bloody person being transported around. Those thoughts of his team must have magic because Hotch felt almost strong enough to get up. He tried but fell back down and Foyet opened the door.

"Time to go..." he lifted Hotch and slung his arm over his back. Hotch felt Foyet wrap his arm under the bends of his legs then headed out the door with him. He laid him gently into the backseat.

He knew Foyet well enough, gentle wasn't his style. This might be a sign that he might survive. But not without a price.

"Hang on real tight Agent Hotchner or should I say Agent Morgan...by the way when you see him give'em these back" he held up Morgan's credentials.

The clue that he was going to see Morgan anytime soon meant, more than likely he was going to let him live. Which was relief at the same time a worry. He would be safe but no one else would be.

Hotch watched the blurs of moving scenery pass outside the window trying to count minutes. He didn't know what the time was but he prayed to make it wherever they were going.

"Almost there..." he felt Foyet make a sharp turn. Then the car came to screeching halt.

"This is where we part company Agent Hotchner oh I mean Agent Morgan..." he shoved Morgan's credentials into his shirt pocket then opened the door and gave Hotch a violent shove out, shut the door and sped away.

Hotch looked up at the big light up sign. He read upside down the word hospital. Why would he bring him here? And where was he going next? This was far from over.

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December 3rd, 2009 (09:52 am)

How The Darkness Feels: contemplative
Ear Candy: You'll Be In My Heart - Phil Collins

Title: Solace
Rated: PG
Pairing: Hotch/Reid
Fic Requester: enmuse
Summary: A little light romantic short about Reid comforting Hotch. Post '100.'

I really can't describe how I found myself this way...how in love I fell with this man. His whole world crashed from underneath him but yet he did not break, the way most humans do. What I saw was a man who just lost half of his heart but yet wasn't afraid to let it out.

He was a little surprised when I showed up at his apartment. His eyes were still glistening with tears and judging from the dark circles he was missing sleep.

"Spencer? It's pouring down out there you should go home"

"Yes, but I've got nothing really to go home...to" for a moment I thought I had put my foot in my mouth. I knew I just said something so stupid. Like I could really relate to what Hotch was going through.

He moved aside and let me inside. There were photo albums strung out everywhere and a box of old letters. The one thing that alarmed me was bottles of half-drained alcohol were also out in the open.

"Hotch? You're going to drown..." I had to do something before Jack saw this. I wouldn't want the little guy to lose faith in his father. Not the like I lost faith in mine and he wasn't even an alcoholic!

"Relax...Jack is with Haley's mother who swears to God he'll be in her custody. Just another lovely evening huh?" his drunkeness was more apparent.

He grabbed the whiskey bottled and turned it up. I reached for it quick and brought it down to his chest and tried to grab it away. Hotch was a seemingly stronger man than I and believe me I was terrified of being thrown out of his apartment windows. But I knew I was the strong one with the advantage. Hotch began crying and released the bottle.

"Oh Reid...it's like these bottles are like bullets which one will be the one that kills me?"

"None of them...I'm dumping them out! Trust me you don't want to leave Jack alone in this world. He's just a kid who have a chance at normalcy if you leave him now! Do you want Jack to grow up without a mother AND a father?"

I didn't want to hurt Hotch any further but I wanted to sober him up on his thinking. After I emptied all the bottles I made him hot tea. Chamomile. It would help put him to sleep and help him rest.

He was looking through a photo album when I sat beside him. I took the book and set it down gave him his tea then we sat there in silence.

"It's my fault. I had a choice and I chose my job over my family..." he hung his head yet again.

"Hotch, if you hadn't made that choice to fight him he would've taken more lives and ripped more families apart. Haley in my opinion understood when she was faced with The Reaper what you went through and what you had to do. She finally realized the why's she always asked you. But you could've have never guessed he'd target your family. He went down hard and you never let up not even to the end." I found myself getting closer to him.

His sobs were strong and I could feel him moving from them. He looked at me with flooded eyes.

"What if I hadn't gotten there and he found Jack....?"

"We never question things such as that. Hotch if you hadn't told Jack what you did he'd be dead, yes. But he lived and that's worth more than two in the bucket."

I knew Hotch was down on himself and I was only agitating him. But he did something surprising he moved closer and made moves like he wanted me to hold him. I accepted him into my arms and held him.

"I failed..." he sobbed.

"Shhh you did all you could. She forgives you...she loved you Hotch. She loved you..." I whispered stroking his hair.

He was closing his eyes but yet fighting sleep. When he was asleep I kissed his face near his ear and whispered.

"I love you Hotch..."

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Bragging Rights

December 2nd, 2009 (09:19 pm)

How The Darkness Feels: confused

Title: Bragging Rights
Rated: PG
Pairings/Characters: Garcia and Abby (NCIS)
Disclaimer: Neither is mine but always a pleasure to serve!
Fic Requester:teenagewitch
Summary: It's Morgan v.s. Gibbs as Garcia and Abby showdown over who has the greater man!

"Penelope Garcia?" the blonde turned at the sound of her name.

"Abby Sciuto?" they playfully narrowed their eyes. This was a long time coming since they met in the World of Warcraft chat site.

"A hyper adraline video game brought us here but we both know why we're really here!" Abby said taking a seat across from Penelope.

"My Morgan against your Gibbs...may the best man win!" Penelope laughed.

"Okay Gibbs is the all time greatest boss hands down! I think he's super human!"

"Pssh! Derek Morgan is a chocolate God! He's had more near death experiences than Evil Kneivel!"

"That's not saying much! Gibbs may be older than your Morgan but he is the white chocolate mixture of Clint Eastwood, Samuel L Jackson, Superman, and if I'm not mistaken a bit of the mysteriousness of Batman"

Penelope just nodded and smiled they were both very proud women.

"Okay but is Mr. White Chocolate all fluff and whipped?"

"Oh you did not just say that! Gibbs I'm telling you could tear your Morgan down old school style!"

They paused a moment and started laughing.

"Okay so maybe Gibbs is a little on the elder side but he's whip smart with sharp wit. Not to mention a hell of a sharp shooter!"

"So maybe he has Derek licked there but there's nothing my action man can't do with those big strong arms of his"

"I think we can agree on one thing your Morgan is so totally brawn and my Gibbs is so totally brains"

"Yeah I'm okay with that. Now lets talk team members..."

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December 1st, 2009 (10:57 am)

How The Darkness Feels: calm
Ear Candy: Party In The USA - Miley Cyrus

Title: 102
Rated: PG
Pairing/Characters: Reid/Prentiss/Garcia
Summary: 102, that's how many numbers Spencer Reid got from Garcia's dare. But he couldn't have done it without a little help from the King of Hearts! afteriwake fic request. Sorry but Reid's not on crutches for this fic.

"Another night out, another night of being alone" Emily Prentiss said sipping her beer.

"Speak for yourself...I may not have my stand up guy with me but I don't feel alone" Penelope Garcia smiles taking a long drink.

"And if worse comes to worse you can always take the boy over home with you" Garcia giggles referring to Spencer Reid.

He turns instantly to the mention of his name and blushes.

"You've got to be kidding me? He's like my little brother"

Reid's face perplexed.

"You know I may not be a stud muffin like Morgan but I have my charms!" he defended

"Oh you had to bring Morgan into this didn't you? Besides he has a lot of things you...don't" she didn't want to hurt his feelings so she left it alone.

"Such as? Oh and I suppose you think you're Miss Hot Stuff don't you?" Reid wasn't angry but he wanted to make Prentiss squirm.

"Oh being single is a choice...trust me cutie if I put effort I can have whomever I want..." Reid was mocking her the whole time she was saying it.

Garcia hatched an idea and a smile spread across her face.

"Okay kiddies I have a bet for you..."

"Oh dear God in Heaven not another Penelope Garcia bet!" Prentiss groaned.

"Yeh that's the very reason Morgan won't come out with us anymore!" Reid stated remembering the last bet.

"Well even Hotch had to admit Morgan pulled that red dress and bitch heels off well!"

"Yeah that's true" they said in unison.

"Okay here's the bet...whom shall ever get the most phone numbers and going to the phone book doesn't count I want to see you flirt it up guys! The loser must become the winner's slave! I'm talkin whatever you want you get! Use your imagination!"

Prentiss and Reid gave each other a stare down. Prentiss knew it was a secure bet she pursed her lips in thought of what she'd have Reid do first.

"What are you thinking?" he asked.

"I dunno I'm debating whether I want you to show up on Rossi's desk in a negliee or have you going around spanking everyone with Hotch being first!"

"Oh you're so confident aren't you? Cocky even! You are so on!" Reid accepted.

"All right prepare to cry little boy" Prentiss and Reid both arose from the table. Garcia clapped her hands together at the chaos that she had created.

"Oh and you have an hour so the pressure is on"

"Perfect!" Prentiss said with a laugh and set the timer on her watch. As did Reid.

Prentiss did the hang out at the bar and let them come to her approach and it was going well. The first ten came in hoards then it took two more minutes for more. She was really working her cleavage.

Reid wasn't stressing instead he walked casually over to a table where two ladies sat. He noticed there were a deck of cards at their table.

"Hello may I borrow those cards?" the girls looked at him and giggled.

"Sure professor..." the blonde teased and handed him the cards.

"Do you ladies like magic?" he asked.

"Sorry but that stuff is so fake!" the brunette hissed.

"Well...actually this trick you get to see everything happening. So whatever I do you see it no hand tricks no cheating! And you get to be an active part of the show" he was removing the Aces and Royal cards.

"Can you clear me a spot on your table?" they did.

He dealt the cards out first row horizontally the four Kings then the four Queens and so on until each King had their suits matching with the Aces last.

"See the four Kings had four Queens for wives who had four Jacks or Knights as sons and they married four women known as Aces...well the King of Hearts decided to throw a huge blowout and invited them all..." the girls were hooked and so were others who were stopping to watch him.

He was drawing at first a small crowd that grew as he spoke and weaved the tale.

"Well...somehow the lights got shut off and each got with their families..." he slid each row down until only the Aces were on top the small piles.

More than just women were watching. Garcia lost count of the people who were standing there and he had only but twenty minutes left. She looked over at Prentiss who was getting some major hang time but wasn't near as big as Reid's crowd.

But there were no guarantees Reid would get all their phone numbers.

"Then everyone bumped into one another" he picked each small pile up and set them on top of each other.

"Now if one of you lovely ladies will cut the deck one time for me I would be much obliged" he put the deck on the table. The blonde did it.

"Like this?" she asked halfing it.

"That's fine..." he nodded and she put the half underneath the bottom.

"Okay so now the lights came back on and the King of Hearts did roll call" he dealt it out the same way but this time the Kings were vertical to one another and the order went horizontal.

Everyone was really impressed.

"How'd you do that?" the brunette smiled batting her lashes.

"Ah that's the magician's secret...I can show you more on our first date if you'd like"

"I love to see more!" she blushed getting a napkin.

The hour was up and Prentiss came back with five napkins worth of phone numbers.

"Where's Reid?" she asked confidently sitting down. Garcia nodded her head towards the crowd. Prentiss's jaw dropped.

"There's no way he's going to get EVERY number...I mean come on there are men in that crowd!"

He strolled back over with a stack of napkins and slapped them down.

"102" he said.

"You couldn't have..."

"Come on Prentiss I'm a genius...I counted them"

"But there were men...there's no way..."

"But..I..But you lose honey!" Reid teased. Garcia giggled.

"Sorry even if they weren't interested in sex with him he still got their numbers"

"You didn't say that! I busted my hump for these! I could've got any man's number for that matter!" she tried taking the napkins off the table when Reid yanked them back.

"No I wanna see!" he did a brief scan.

"You only got 42? You suck!" he laughed. She gave him such a mean face and blushed.

"Okay next time you challenge Morgan and we'll see who wins" they got up to go.

"Yes, hide behind your superhero player...his name only comes up when you want me to pale in comparison!"

"So how'd you do it?" Prentiss asked as they exited the bar.

"Well Prentiss if you take me home I can show you?" he winked at Garcia.

She laughed out loud.

"One of your magic tricks? Well guess what I don't like magic...unless it's making a gross, ugly, or creepy guy disappear!"

"Ooh that hurt! Oh well I've got 102 to choose from..."

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Left For Dead

November 30th, 2009 (07:18 pm)

How The Darkness Feels: blank
Ear Candy: Don't Fear The Reaper - Blue Oyster Cult

Title: Left For Dead
Rated: R
Pairing: not really paired but Hotch/Foyet
Disclaimer: Not mine but always a pleasure to serve.
Summary: hansah 's dark request. What if things hadn't turned around in 100?
Warnings: Spoilers for 100 (which I can't understand who hasn't seen it yet OMG you missed a damn good episode!!!)

Tis better to die with honor then to live as a coward - anon

The burning of his flesh tearing and the cold silver of the knife entering made Aaron Hotchner more aware. He tried to move but with losing massive amounts of blood he felt paralyzed.

"You see Agent Hotchner this was all avoidable...now I have to get that little boy and show him his dead parents. And I have look that kid in the eye and explain how his Daddy could've made this all better...how Mommy didn't have to die. I didn't even have to ENTER YOUR LIFE!" Foyet screamed in his face piercing his stomach again.

"YOU'RE A COWARD!!!" Hotch yelled out. Foyet added a punch to the knife to drive it deeper.

"Isn't that why you ran so long? You're a coward!"

"Seeing as how Agent Hotchner you're the one on the floor getting ready to die...I think that makes you the coward" Foyet laid beside his ear.

"You won't find Jack..." he coughed up blood.

"Won't have to look he'll come to me..." Foyet stood up.

"JACK? OH JACKY BOY DADDY'S LOOKIN FOR YA" he called around the house. He went room to room calling for him.

"NO JACK STAY HIDDEN" Hotch tried to get up. Foyet kicked him in the face to make him stay down.

"Don't remember tellin you to get up Agent Hotchner! JACK COME OUT NOW!" Foyet turned to the opening to the living room and there Jack stood.

"No...Jack get back to the case!" Hotch stammered. Foyet grinned and knelt down waving for the boy.

"Come here I want you to say goodbye to Daddy and I got something for you to ask him"

"No Jack...stay away from him!" Hotch was dying and if it weren't for Jack's safety he would've already been gone.

Jack reluctantly came to Foyet. He sat Jack on his knees and whispered in his ear.

"Now tell Daddy you love him..."

"I love you Daddy"

"Alright now ask him what I told you to ask him..."

"Daddy why did you let this happen? Why didn't you do what he wanted?"

"Awww Jack see now that right there Agent Hotchner broke my heart. You have this nice young boy here and you didn't think about him did you? Tsk tsk a shame really but I think Daddy is ready to join Mommy what'd you think?" Foyet asked Jack setting him down the floor.

He was over Hotch again.

"Say bye bye Daddy" Foyet lifted Hotch's head so Jack and he could make eye contact.

"I..love...ohhh...you Jack. Close your eyes!" he managed to choke out.

Jack closed his eyes tight. Foyet slid the blade from ear to ear.

"It's over Jacky boy..." he took the gun from his shirt and clicked the safety off.

"Look at me" he ordered. Jack opened his eyes.

Four shots when the BAU arrived to the scene.

Love of two is one
Here but now they're gone
Came the last night of sadness
And it was clear she couldn't go on
Then the door was open and the wind appeared
The candles blew then disappeared
The curtains flew then he appeared...saying don't be afraid
Come on baby...and she had no fear
And she ran to him...then they started to fly
They looked backward and said goodbye...she had become like they are
She had taken his hand...she had become like they are
Come on baby...don't fear the reaper
Don't Fear The Reaper - Blue Oyster Cult

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The Unexpected Gift

November 30th, 2009 (05:53 pm)

How The Darkness Feels: thoughtful
Ear Candy: Tennesee - ?

Title: The Unexpected Gift
Rated: PG
Pairing: Morgan/Reid
Disclaimer: Not mine but always a pleasure to serve!
Summary: A request for a Christmas fluff from techbychance Reid has a two gifts for Morgan one he knows about the other is a surprise!

Derek Morgan watched as Spencer Reid helped decorate the tree in the BAU area. He stifled a few laughs as the girls started decorating Spencer.

"See we could save so much money if they'd just let us decorate Spence" JJ said wrapping tinsel around his arm.

"Could you be so kind as to pimp ma cane lady?" he held it outwards for JJ to tinsel it.

"Oh that's cute...Garcia get a picture of this!" Emily called for the tech analyst.

"Smile real big boy!" she said she waved for JJ and Emily to get in close with him. They kissed either of his cheek and Garcia snapped the photo.

"This is next years Christmas card...yeah" she showed them the screen. Derek was on his way down to the bullpen.

He came up to Spencer and looked him up and down.

"You look ridiculous" he said.

"Where's your Christmas spirit? I think I know what will make you feel better..." Spencer went to his desk and pulled out a medium wrapped box.

He brought it to Derek. Derek didn't accept he just looked at it.

"What's this?"

"Yours if you want it now"

"We have time before Christmas why now?"

"Oh you think it's a prank don't you? I can honestly say I'm flattered you think that but my 'mad' pranking skills didn't attest to this gift. But since you're apprehensive I will leave it here under the tree" he set the box down.

Everyday until the day before Christmas Eve, Derek would pass by the tree and look down at the box. Of course everyone had put other presents but Derek was too curious about that box. He decided to give it a little more time maybe at the party they were having as their last night before the holidays came.

That night they ate good food, drank good wine, and Emily passed out the presents with Garcia.

"Hey honeybear this one's from Reid" he accepted it from her hands but didn't open it.

"That's not fair!" they cried.

"What? I believe in waiting for Christmas" was all he said.

"But how will I know if you like it if you're in Chicago?" Spencer asked.

"Tell you what if I like it I'll call you exactly ten in the morning on Christmas Day if I don't like it I won't call at all"

"Okay but you know I will stay up every night and by the phone until you call!" he forewarned.

When Derek had arrived at his mother's on Christmas Eve morning he unpacked everything including the present. He put the present on his nightstand and his cell phone beside it. He was teasing when he said he wouldn't call at all but he had to make Spencer squirm in case this was a gag gift.

Derek laid in bed Christmas Eve night wondering about Spencer. He knew he really had no family and would be at JJ and Will's place to join their families. He felt really bad. He sat up and the present was staring at him. It was in the most unsual yellow paper with a big red ribbon tied around it.

"What the hell I've waited long enough" he tore it open and lifted the box's lid. It was a tshirt pajama set complete with boxers with the Superman logo all over them.

He lifted them out and looked them over he then noticed there was a note in the bottom of the box. He lifted it out and read it.


Only a true hero deserves to wear heroes pajamas. I have another gift waiting for you back here.


With a huge smile on his face he dialed Spencer's home number first. It took only a second and he heard Spencer's voice come on the line.

"You were expecting me to call?" Derek said.

"Yeah you're actually ten hours early! So I take it you liked them?"

"No Spence...I loved them."

"Yeah well seeing is how you're in Chicago you're going to have to wait for the part two but I promise it's warmer than those pajamas"

"Sounds great Spence...can't wait to find out what it is."

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We All Have Them

November 30th, 2009 (10:32 am)

How The Darkness Feels: busy
Ear Candy: Breakin Dishes - Rihanna

Title: We All Have Them
Rated: R
Pairing: Hotch/Morgan
Summary: runriggers request for Hotch/Morgan. When a stalker case comes up in which the stalker targets young girls it brings back bad memories for Morgan. He is then forced to confront his past once again when he becomes the next target.

Dayton, Ohio

Shutter. Click. Shutter. Click. Shutter. Click.

Seven times in succession and the images could make poetry in motion. He sometimes felt guilty for stealing these precious moments but only sometimes.

Her name was Ellie she was eleven years old and such a beautiful blonde. He met her online in a chat room she tried to disguise herself as a twenty one year old. He knew better because he researched her fake name then traced her I.P. address. He staked himself outside their house for two days.

He used computers at internet cafes to keep in touch with her. He promised her they would be meeting soon. He couldn't disappoint her.

The car drove off unnoticed he had to head to the internet cafe. He stood behind a couple who were on a social networking site together. He made a gutteral growl to get their attention to leave. One look at him and they got up immediately.

"He's creepy!" the woman commented on the way out.

He looked around cautiously before connecting a small black device to the computer to wipe it clean afterwards. He logged onto his account. He waited a second then a ding sounded as Ellie entered the room.

darwin: hello my gorgeous sweet! i missed u! did u get the flowers i sent u?
hotblonde: yes! and u need 2 leave me alone! my parents will be angry if they find out!
darwin: why would they be angry? ur a 21 year old woman right?
hotblonde: i lied!!!! leave me alone!!! cut it out with the flowers!!!! i don't want u! ura creepy pedophile!

hotblonde has logged off

He breathed heavily almost in an angry way.

"Sir you have to leave! I'm getting multiple complaints about you!" the manager was behind him. He disconnected his box and kicked the chair over. He left before anything else could be said.
"...And this is the latest victim eleven year old Ellie Mathis..." JJ showed them images of the young girl's post mortem body.

"So he stalks them before he kills them?" Prentiss asked.

"Her parents checked everything her diary, their home computer, her cell phone for clues and they said they found she was chatting with someone by the nickname of darwin"

"Darwin? Interesting name but who is the account holder?" Reid asked.

"Darwin was untraceable and the other girl's parents said their daughters were also chatting but none of the conversations were saved. But after Meghan Chiles death a day later her parents say they kept recieving mysterious floral arrangements at their house."

"Sign of remorse...did anyone trace where they had come from?" Reid shuffled some papers looking for their answers.

"Once again paid in cash and no name was left" JJ turned the screen off.

"All right we leave tonight. JJ call the police in Dayton tell them we're coming. Prentiss you and Rossi head to the Mathis's home talk to her parents and see if you can take a look around. Hotch you and Reid talk to the other families. Lets find a connection between these girls and our unsub...before he kills again."
Morgan wasn't saying much on the plane. He just stared out the window with his head leaning into it. This was striking a very personal cord with him. Hotch sat down beside him and stared into his expression for clues.

"You know this wouldn't be the first time one of us has entered into a personal case"

"It involves young girls who aren't even old enough to wear make-up or go on dates, of course it's personal" Morgan answered sharply.

"Morgan, that's not what I meant...we each have had numerous cases that were personal to us and our histories" that let the cat out of the bag for what he was hinting at.

Carl Buford. Morgan narrowed his eyes. He had pushed this so far out of his mind that he believed it wouldn't resurface ever again. Until now.

"Hotch, did it ever occur to you I wasn't thinking about my past? Even if I do take this personal it's on me! Not you not the team...ME!" he ended up getting hostile. He got up and moved seats.

Hotch instantly regretted pushing Morgan that far. He decided to keep close to Morgan as much as possible.
"Amy why is that guy here again?"

"I'm sorry sir I told him five times he wasn't welcome here anymore and he just sat down and sir he scares me" she whispered under her breath.

"Well after his hour is up if he isn't gone call the police!" the manager walked away.

He looked at Amy with a twisted grin she lowered her gaze. He went back to his computer screen with the same smile but Amy could feel him looking at her through the corner of his eyes.

"James I'm going on break" she told the younger guy behind the counter.

"Okay" she walked away quickly. The door opened Morgan and Hotch entered. Morgan was on his cell phone.

"Garcia, I'm at Java Connection now what did you say could make someone's ID online untraceable..." he snapped to attention.

He turned to slightly to look Hotch and Morgan up and down. They walked up to James behind the counter.

"How can I help you today?" he asked chipper.

They flashed their credentials.

"Agent Morgan FBI and this is my partner Agent Hotchner we're looking for David Parsons is he in?"

"That's my manager but he went to lunch already but maybe I'd be glad to answer any questions you guys have"

He was eyeing Morgan mostly. Morgan was such a beautiful man. He envisioned what it would be like holding him and kissing his neck. True he wasn't a defenseless eleven year old girl but he could always disable him...and the prize must be worth the fight.

"We're looking for a white male in his early to late 30's he'll be overwhelming in appearance and probably anti-social. He won't want to sit around a large group of people and if approached he will terse up and possibly try to hide what he's doing" Morgan gave the profile to the kid.

"Uhh I know just about everyone that comes in here and no one fits that description...sorry"

Morgan took out his card and set it on the counter.

"If you think of anything or anyone matching that description call me okay"

"Sure" James nodded and Morgan walked out. Hotch took one last look around at the computer users. Someone stood out.

After they had gone he turned off his box and packed everything up. He went to the counter and smiled the stupid kid left Morgan's card on the table. Morgan was so close to him and didn't even know it.

He was photographing every move Derek Morgan made. He was patient enough to follow him and only him. Every facial expression was magnified into a glorious and glossy 8 x 10.

The case was full of dead leads and the longer they strolled the streets with nothing they knew some little girl in Dayton was doomed. Reid was mapping out the unsub's comfort zone, Prentiss and Rossi were following up on leads that several other internet cafes gave them.

Morgan sat in a small office and sighed heavily. He didn't want to let these families down. He didn't want any other girl to suffer the rape and murdering the other three girls suffered.

Hotch watched Morgan slumped over in the tiny room. He came to Reid to ask about the comfort zone.

"Well all three girls lived within a five mile radius of one another...but he didn't know that until he killed them. He likes sticking close to here in Dayton. He hits up internet cafes near and far but notice he doesn't go out of the comfort zone too far. With Garcia monitoring and JJ sending out alerts parents are getting more involved so he's probably feeling the heat."

"And he'll do something brash...he'll make a quick mistake" Hotch knew that was a good and bad thing. He'd be easier to catch but someone...a young girl may pay the price.

"Where's Agent Morgan?" a female cop came up to them.

"I'm right here why?" he asked. He swallowed the lump in his throat. He knew it could be bad news.

"There's a phone call for you..."

"This is Agent Morgan who's this?"

"Hello Agent Morgan...Unit Chief of the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit. Such a strong voice of course with strong facial features and a kickin body to match...but you're wrong about one part of my profile...I don't just like little girls. I love beauty...man or woman. And brown isn't your color and I don't know why you use such a strong cologne it's too musky for you..." he hung up.

"Dammit! It was him! It was our unsub" Morgan slammed the phone down.

"I'll run a trace" the cop said setting herself up.

"He wants attention" Hotch said.

"Oh he's going to get it!"


"Where'd he call from?" she printed it out for him with directions. Morgan was worried.


"The hotel we're staying at..."
They knew he was in Morgan's room from the cologne and shirt color clue. Morgan charged into his own room. He didn't make sure it was clear first but what he saw took his breath.

"Morgan?" Hotch wasn't too far behind he ran into see what he was seeing.

"He's stalking me! Hotch that bastard is after me!" Morgan exclaimed tearing pictures of himself wallpapered everywhere.

"Morgan..." Hotch was watching his friend steadily losing his mind.

"We've got to get this fucker!"

"Morgan wait..."

"NO!" Morgan shoved Hotch's hands off him.

Everyone ran in after Morgan fled. They saw the pictures.

"Morgan's his target..." Prentiss said aloud.

"He's just challenging him." Rossi reasoned.

"Yeh probably trying to throw Morgan off his game" Reid added.

Hotch walked out and tried to look for Morgan. He found him crying the car.

"Hey better me than some little girl..." Morgan said before Hotch could say anything.

"We're going to get him. He's probably only trying to scare you"

"You didn't hear his voice...he's serious Hotch. I'ma do or die kind of man but he's into my head. Hotch I need to know something and it's personal..."

Hotch didn't make any expressions he just shut the door in case someone else came by.

"Go ahead"

"When Foyet had in your apartment did he..."

"Not in the conventional sense. Rapists and sadists want power, the power they feel others deprived them of. Foyet didn't rape me anally but he raped alot of things out of me with...his knife." Hotch didn't look at Morgan while sharing something so personal.

"Hotch...I need your help. I want to be prepared in case this fucker does manage to get me disabled"

"Morgan it won't happen..."

"Man you don't know that...Foyet took you down didn't he?"

"What do you need me to do?"
Morgan went to Hotch's room at Morgan's request. Hotch had to play the stalker and Morgan the victim.

"As sure as he is a coward he will take you by surprise from behind. He may shoot you or get you anyway down he can" Hotch held his fingers into a gun and ticked it against Morgan's shoulder blade.

"Bang" he said and Morgan got down to the floor.

"He has you disabled...and sure as he is a coward he will kick you!" Hotch said tapping his foot against Morgan's ribs.

"Next for him comes the fun part...this kind of sexual sadist will put himself all over you while apprehending you" Hotch straddled Morgan grabbing his arms. Morgan felt Hotch's crotch against his backside.

"He may want to smell you since he mentioned your scent" Hotch dipped his head low to Morgan's neck. He tightened on his arms.

"Then in detail he will tell you about his other vicitims. He will then verbalize everything he is going to do to you." Hotch skillfully tied Morgan's hands behind his back with shoestrings.

Morgan felt Hotch unzip his pants and yank them down his hips to his knees. He propped Morgan's ass up into the air.

Hotch was going to stop because Morgan had gotten the point of what it would be like if or when he the stalker got him alone.

"Hotch..." Morgan said in desperation.

"Finish" Hotch could tell this was turning Morgan on in some way and it was him as well. But he knew the stalker wouldn't be so loving and gentle.

"You get the idea...I don't need to take you that far"

"Yes, you do...prepare me for what it will feel like" Morgan begged. He heard Hotch unzip his pants.

"He may not lube you up...he'll probably just force his way into your body. That's what they like..." Hotch shoved his cock into Morgan's ass with one breath.

"Ahhh" Morgan gasped. It burned as Hotch moved in and out. He pounded his hips hard against Morgan's frame.

Hotch had to do all the work since his hands were tied. He gripped Morgan's sides and pushed and pulled his cock in and out of Morgan's tight hole.

"Hotch...yes Hotch teach me! Cum..." Morgan cried out for relief. Hotch's cock began moving in and out easier from Hotch's pre-cum. For his finish he laid on top of Morgan and straight pounded him into the floor.

Hotch laid his head beside Morgan's ear. Morgan could feel Hotch's hot breath and it sent chills everywhere.

"Are you ready for him?" Hotch said breathless against his ear.

"I will be..." Morgan swallowed looking at Hotch. Hotch kissed his lips.

"I won't let him kill you...I promise."

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Whatever It Takes - Part Three

November 29th, 2009 (09:16 am)

How The Darkness Feels: satisfied
Ear Candy: You Belong With Me - Taylor Swift

Title: Whatever It Takes - Part Three
Rated: PG to R
Pairing: Rossi/Hotch
Summary: Aaron helps Dave brave what may come next. Surprise visit from the rest of the BAU!!!

Aaron was on pins and needles sitting beside Dave in his urologist's office. He had his leg bobbing up and down at a frantic pace and his constant shifting was making Dave even more nervous. He was trying to thumb through a National Geographic but the pages would go blurry from Aaron's leg motions.

"Aaron! I need a valium for Christ's sake!" he put his hand on Aaron's leg to still him.

"I'm sorry Dave but I can't help it! What time was your appointment?"


"What time is it now?" Aaron asked looking around for a clock. Dave looked at his watch.

"Eight fifty look just be still or you don't get a lollipop" Dave cracked.

"That's not funny Dave..."

"I know I don't think I'd want a lollipop from a urologist's office either, imagine the shape...."

"That's not what I meant! This is serious and you're making jokes!"

Dave knew the best way to combat his negativity was to joke about the situation. He also knew that though Aaron didn't appreciate it now but he would someday.

"You know you may think I don't take this seriously. I do. But having three kids has made this old fool very tender hearted. Maybe it's the situation or maybe it's the idea I'm about to have a hand shoved up my ass again that isn't my husband's but I love you Aaron and I want you to know that even if it's bad news you're going to be all right and so will our kids"

"Dave don't talk like that! I hate it when people do that." Aaron wanted to walk away and cry but Dave reached his hand out and grabbed Aaron's. He gave it a strong squeeze when the nurse came out.

"David Rossi?" he squeezed back and placed the magazine in the chair and walked with the nurse down the long hall. A walk that felt like the death mile.
There were three vehicles in their driveway when they pulled in. Aaron helped Dave from the car because they had to take a tissue sample from the area of growth. He was sore with every step.

"God it feels like somebody tried to get a prize from my anal cavity you know like those claw machines? It pinches with every step I take!"

"It's just the memory of the procedure Dave it'll wear off" Aaron said reassuringly. He opened the door and the kids came running.

"Daddy guess who came to see us?" Jasmine bounced up down trying to get them to follow her into the living room.

"Aunt JJ is here! So is Uncle Spencer!" she gave the surprise away.

"Is Papa okay?" Ashlyn came to his side and grabbed his hand.

"I'm just a little sore...anyone else here?"

"Uncle Derek and of course they brought the kids" she filled in him. He had proof of that seeing all the little ones bounce around from room to room. But Dave sure did love the sound of the children's laughter. There was a certain innocence to it all.

"There they are!" Derek said as they entered the living room.

"Wow you walk my like my ex-wife did when she was carrying Dex" Spencer commented. Dave narrowed his eyes he didn't like being compared to a pregnant woman let alone the ex-wife of a friend and former co-worker.

"How is she by the way?" Dave made small talk.

"Fine I suppose she hasn't seen the kids in eight months so I'm assuming she's still alive"

While Dave was catching up with Derek, JJ, and Spencer; Aaron cornered Jack into the kitchen.

"What are they doing here?" he knew Jack had to be the one to call them. Aaron slipped up and told Jack what Dave was facing and he gave a solemn vow that he wouldn't breathe a word.

"Visiting I guess" he smiled innocently.

"Well, it's not Christmas because you know I can see JJ popping in for a visit and maybe Spencer because they each live close but Derek moved to Chicago so his mother would be near Whitney and the kids"

"Okay! They're your guys's friends I thought they'd want to know" Jack confessed.

Aaron heaved a sigh and closed his eyes. Dave didn't want to feel like he was dying because they didn't even know the outcome of the tests.

"Did you call Penelope and Emily too?"

The doorbell ringing said it all.

"I'LL GET IT!" Jasmine yelled running towards the door.

Aaron came into the entry way to see Penelope and Kevin coming inside. Penelope was carrying a small baby blue carseat with their son Garcia inside and Kevin was lugging their two year old daughter Precious in his arms.

"Aunt Penelope!!!" Jasmine hugged her legs and squeezed.

"Oh you've grown so beautifully!" she leaned down to hug her then came to Aaron.

"How'd he do today?" she asked hugging him.

"He did all right he's a little sore right now and I bet he's wishing you guys could've came when it was less embarrassing for him but..."

"He'll live through the embarrassment! Speaking of that stubborn Italian where is he?" she threw at him when she entered the living room.

"I'm here" she gave him a hug and kiss on his cheek.

She then turned to notice Derek, his wife Whitney, JJ minus Will, and Spencer. She waved and her face lit up into a smile.

"Hey Superman" she cracked up on Derek.

"Whitney I don't know if you remember this woman but this was my baby girl back in the day..."

"Penelope, yes I remember you. Derek could practically write a book about you!" Whitney laughed.

"Oh my tell me when the book comes out I'll autograph it for ya" she made a kissy face at Derek then turned her attention to Spencer and JJ.

Dave sat back and watched his friends mingle and catch up. He looked into the kitchen at Aaron who was carrying such a stressful burden upon his back. It would two weeks before Dave would know for sure. But who said he couldn't enjoy having old friends around because they had been dying to do this for quite sometime but they got wrapped up in the moment of things.
Emily was the last to arrive with a bottle of wine and lots of apologies. She was minus her two children Liam and Brittany who were with her ex-husband.

"So where is Will?" Emily asked JJ while they were sitting around the dinner table. The kids had two tables next to the adults and were playing really instead of eating.

"Mmm his cousin needed his help this week. Henry went with him so I just brought Rachel with me" she sipped her wine.

"What about you Spence anyone special since the B-I-T-C-H is gone?" Emily spelled out because of the little ears. JJ giggled and set her glass down.

"Um no actually. I find women are creeped out by the genius, single father with three kids. Aimee has her first crush at eight years old, Kyle seems to have adapted to her genes and refuses to do his schoolwork, and Dex is my little protege he maybe only three but he's the future Spencer Reid"

Everyone laughed.

"Not another one...one's enough for this planet thanks" Derek joked.

"And what are you training Carver and Theo to be? Miniature superheroes like you?" Spencer quipped back.

"No. Carver and Theo know their Daddy's job is too dangerous and mommy doesn't like it." Whitney said.

"But I think Tish is more boyish than her brothers. She maybe only eight but homegirl is strong!" Derek smiled proudly at his little girl.

"What about your two?" JJ looked at Kevin and Penelope.

"Well Precious has caught on quickly that she can be the center of attention easily she's such a little diva! And Garcia is an eight month old garbage disposal. He can put away some milk and the fruits and vegetables."

"Mmmh that's what I'm talkin bout baby girl! No baby shall ever go hungry with those tatas!" Derek said making her blush.

"Derek!" Whitney slapped at him playfully.

"Ahem okay so what are your three darlings grown to be like?" Penelope focused her attention on Aaron and Dave.

"Ashlyn is bascially a forty year old stuck in a seven year old's body and she mostly likes sticking with me" Dave filled in.

"That's surprising!" Emily commented sipping her wine.

"Has she outgrown her princess title?" JJ remembered.

"Oh yes she passed it on Jaz who is Aaron's baby and such a drama queen"

"Oh and I wonder where she gets that from?" Aaron teased. Everyone looked at Dave grinning.

"Whatever...I'm not THAT dramatic" he said with a laugh.

"And Christian is as sweet as a caramel candied apple. Although he hasn't slept in his room but maybe twice since we moved in this place he is really becoming such an emotionally inclined little man" Dave finished winking at Aaron to hint that Christian's well rounded emotional nature was defintely due in most part to him.
After dinner the kids were upstairs playing the kids's bedrooms while the adults were in the living room reminicsing and passing baby Garcia around.

"You can tell he definitely is your son Penelope" Derek held the baby in front of his face. Garcia smiled and cooed at him.

"Well go figure I mean Precious looks more like Kevin the Big Guy had to allow one of my children to be graced with my gorgeousness"

The conversation settled down and everyone then remembered why they were here. One phone call of possible bad news. No one had addressed it all afternoon. Dave knew they were thinking about him and the possibility this could one of their last gatherings if the news were bad.

"I know you all came because Jack told you that I might have cancer. But you all know me and how stubborn and how much of a fighter I am..."

"Bossy. Don't forget bossy." Derek chimed in and everyone laughed. When Dave looked at him he turned his face back to Garcia.

"But the truth is I had a realization this evening, I want each and every one of us to see each other regardless if the news is bad or good. If it's a holiday or a Sunday dinner. In good times or in the worst times. Remember when we were in the BAU? That's what it was all about we're more than friends you guys, we're family..."

Dave cut short because he realized he was crying. He looked down at the floor then up to see everyone as teary eyed as he was.

"You guys I'm not scared to die. I think we all got over that fear the second we signed on to the FBI, but what I am worried about is Aaron, Jack and my three babies. And I know if you guys stick around and stick close...they might have a better chance of processing the grief better."

"No one can ever take your place" Penelope said wiping her eyes.

"I know but before you leave here tonight make me a promise will ya? Promise we'll see you more often and if it comes to that and I'm gone you'll stay around for Aaron and the kids"

No one said anything yet. They were in the moment of emotion but there wasn't any hesitation in Derek. He looked at Whitney then down at Garcia. He wanted to come back to Quantico anyways and today really reaffirmed it for him.

"We promise" Derek looked at Dave directly.

"Yeah Kev and I do too"

"You know Will and I will be here"

"I promise...so I hope you will enjoy weekends filled with museums and probably cartoons that weren't meant for human consumption" Dave smiled at Spencer who gave him the same soft one back.

"You in Emily?" Derek looked at her.

"Yeah...provided that if something does happen to you you'll give Aaron the recipie to your mom's lasagna" she said laughing.

"All right then it's settled. We'll spend more time and Aaron gets my mother's lasagna...forgive me mama" Dave joked looking up.
Eight months later...

Dave awoke in his hospital bed to see Aaron sleeping the chair. Poor man hadn't left his bedside since he was admitted. He only went home to shower and change clothes and check on the kids. Aaron's eyes popped open because he felt Dave's eyes upon him.

"Hello gorgeous" he said in a raspy voice.

"Rest" Aaron said getting up. He straightened the covers on Dave and kissed his forehead.

"Aaron..." this was it. Dave could feel a pull gusting over him like a strong whirlwind.

"Dave? What's wrong?"

"I think I'm ready...I think it's time." Dave looked over towards the door. The room seemed so much warmer and brighter.

"Dave..." Aaron dissolved into tears. Dave smiled and looked back at Aaron.

Everything flashed before Dave's eyes. Every moment good and bad came before him. He remembered the first kiss with Aaron to the last real kiss they shared at Christmas. That night he told him he had cancer how they held one another. That's how it was always them holding one another together.

"Say it's okay Aaron...I will stay if you want me to" Dave needed to know Aaron would make it without him.

"It's okay..." the instant he said it Dave flatlined. The nurses and doctors rushed in and shoved Aaron out the room. They were going to try to revive him. But Aaron knew better he knew Dave was gone.

Walking out to call their friends who so graciously kept to their promises. He looked back into the room. Maybe he was hallucinating but he could've sworn he saw the old David Rossi standing there just as he were when he walked back into the BAU. Same mischievious smile. Aaron smiled back at him.

"I love you" he heard Dave's voice now a sweet as an angel's.

"I love you too" Aaron closed his eyes as the tears streamed down his face. He opened them and he was gone.

He had help explaining to the kids where Papa went. Ashlyn was struck the hardest and didn't leave Aaron's side for a long while. Everyone bombarded the doorway of Aaron and Dave's bedroom while the kids latched onto him and cried. And though it wasn't easy Dave was right it eased with time and the love of their friends that had became their family.

A week later Aaron laid in the bed and his eyes opened suddenly. He could've sworn he heard Dave's voice but was crushed when he figured out it was a dream. He turned to Dave's side of the bed to see Ashlyn holding onto Dave's pillow crying. He reached his hand out and rubbed her head.

"Why does it still hurt Daddy?"

"It takes time Ashlyn. But always remember Papa loved you the best. That's why he took his time to teach all those things you know now. How come you are so mature for your age. He knew he could trust you with all those things"

"Will it always hurt this much?"

"Sometimes more than other times. But when in the times it hurts the most remember how Papa would want you to deal with it"

Ashlyn nodded and turned back to his pillow and fell back asleep. Aaron looked around the room he knew it was depressing him but he left Dave's belongings the way he had them. He was making sure that everything was exact when he noticed something odd about a box sitting on the dresser. It appeared something was sticking out of the corner of the lid.

He eased his way out of bed and looked it over. It was an old cigar box that Dave turned into a photo box. He opened the lid to see an envelope addressed to him. He tore it open and unfolded it. Another paper fell out behind it.


If you are reading this then that means I have gone. There are things I want to tell you which I'm sure you already know but first is after I came back to the BAU and found love with you Aaron Hotchner I have had no regrets since. Second, we have the most beautiful babies in the entire world so if you think of crumbling now I will haunt you because they need you now! And lastly we have the greatest family on the planet don't let them slip out of your grasp Aaron. Keep everyone together and in check. And I know this is too soon for you to even think about but should it come one day you find another that loves you and you love them as much don't deny yourself happiness. Even if our rebellious children kick and scream or threaten to 'hate' you don't deny yourself love. I'll understand and will never be angry about it. I love you and always will.

All my love,

Aaron couldn't see anything from the tears. He put the letter on the dresser and held onto the wood. He closed his eyes. Dave was right it was too soon to be thinking about another. The paper on the floor bugged him. Dave had signed the letter as it were finished. Aaron bent over and picked up the paper it read ROSSI FAMILY LASAGNA with a small note from Dave at the bottom.

P.S. tell Em here's her Christmas and birthday present for the rest of her life! Hope my mama doesn't smack me all the way to Heaven for this!

Aaron had to laugh. He truly was one of a kind.

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Whatever It Takes - Part Two

November 28th, 2009 (08:30 am)

How The Darkness Feels: awake
Ear Candy: Darius Rucker

Title: Whatever It Takes - Part Two
Rated: PG to R
Pairing: Rossi/Hotch
Summary: Dave's strange behavior leads Aaron to believe there might be another.

Ashlyn came into the kitchen to start breakfast she saw Aaron sitting at the kitchen table staring down at his hand. He was playing nervously with his wedding band. She could see the glisten of tears in his lashes and the dried streaks on his face.

"Daddy?" she asked touching his arm. He looked at her, she looked like she was about to start bawling. He pulled her close.

"What's wrong with you and Papa?" she sobbed into Aaron's arm.

He knew better than to lie to Ashlyn but the truth was he didn't really know what was wrong with Dave. He had to tell her the truth.

"Ashlyn, truth is Daddy doesn't know what's wrong. But Daddy will figure it out and fix whatever it is. I love Papa very much and we can work anything out."

"I heard you and Papa last night" she wiped her eyes.

In an instant Aaron's heart broke he lived through the pain of this before when his and Haley's marriage broke down. Jack was younger than Ashlyn then but it was being rehashed.

"Last night..." he couldn't finish because Dave was standing the door frame.

He didn't speak but he walked to the table and placed his hands on Ashlyn's shoulders.

"Honey what was said last night wasn't meant for little ears to hear. Why don't you go get what we need to make breakfast I'll be in there in a sec okay?" he kept his gaze on Aaron at first then came to Ashlyn's height.

She didn't want to leave the room in fear they would argue. Dave smiled at her and kissed her nose.

"It's okay go on" she let out a heavy sigh and walked towards the kitchen.

"Why are you bringing our children into this?" Dave asked sitting down.

"We both know Ashlyn isn't stupid. She could read at the age of three Dave. And besides I thought maybe the kids would know more about this than I would because you weren't giving me any clues last night at all."

Dave narrowed his eyes and leaned in close because he knew Ashlyn was in the kitchen still straining to hear the conversation.

"Don't put them in the middle of your insecurities Aaron. I told you there was nothing wrong and I told you there wasn't anyone else. Yes, I was short but I was just tired. That's it."

"And you think I'm going to believe that?"

"No, I know you Aaron Hotchner you are insecure and that means you will let every thing I say or do guide your judgment of my actions..."

"Stop profiling me Dave!" Aaron grew furious.

"Then stop getting paranoid that I'm cheating!" they stopped because Jasmine was sniffling at the doorway trying to hide her face against the wall.

"Look what you did!" Aaron got up and ran to her. He lifted her in his arms and held her tightly.

"Hey...shhhh it's okay. I'm sorry baby" he kissed her cheeks.

"You and Papa were yelling!" she wailed out.

"I know and we didn't mean it..." he felt himself whispering 'Liar liar' in his mind.
Aaron was in the kitchen doing dishes with Ashlyn while Dave had Jasmine and Christian stuck to either of his sides sleeping. Ashlyn was heading up to clean her room when Aaron stood behind the sofa. Ashlyn didn't walk upstairs immediately she looked into the living room for a minute to make sure everything was going to be calm.

Dave sensed Aaron's presence. He was going to try to make light of the situation now that they were both calm.

"I don't understand these damn cartoons anymore! A sponge who lives in the ocean in a fruit what bright son of a bitch came up with this?" Dave said pointing towards the television.

"A very rich son of a bitch" Aaron answered semi-seriously.

"Yeh I wish I had the kinda money that schmuck has...if you were hoping to take a break on the sofa you'll have to take it up with the offices of too frickin bad because the kids are napping"

"No, I'm fine but I was actually hoping to borrow my husband perhaps for an hour...what office do I speak to for that?" Aaron played into the fantasy.

"Why hello you've reached the office of David Rossi who if you help the kids stay asleep will be free in a jiffy"

It was humorous comments like they just exchanged that made Aaron fall head over heels for Dave even after a fight. He knew they were soul mates even if there were problems. Aaron picked Christian up very carefully while Dave handled Jasmine. They laid them down then retreated to their bedroom. But not before making sure Ashlyn had her I-Pod on while reading a book.

"I honestly don't understand the purpose of wearing an I-Pod while you read a book! You've got that racket they call music in your ears and I can only imagine the trash that girl is reading..."

"Dave, lets focus shall we?" Aaron tugged at his pants. Dave smiled and took to his pants to rid himself of them. He then helped Aaron out of his clothes.

Aaron laid on Dave's side of the bed on his side. Dave spooned himself behind his beautiful husband. Aaron took a deep breath when he felt Dave lube his rectal area. He felt a shiver go up his spine, that was what Aaron had missed.

Dave kissed the nook of Aaron's neck which made his eyes flutter. He didn't want Dave to tease him not at a time like this.

"Dave...please. I don't think I can withstand teasing"

The older man chuckled and kissed his shoulder.

"I take my time caro mio to ensure your pleasure...not just mine" Dave lifted Aaron's leg over the top of his. With a single thrust Dave's unprotected prick entered Aaron's awaiting asshole.

Red flush spots appeared all over Aaron. Like his entire body was blushing. Dave placed his hand on Aaron's hip and forced him back and pushed himself over Aaron. Their speed increased to a furious rhythm.

"Dave..." Aaron cried out. He could feel his orgasm pounding in his ears almost. His whole body was a blaze of desire for Dave.

As Dave climaxed and finished he collapsed on top of Aaron's side profile. Aaron let out a earth shattering moan and laid limp, breathless.

"Aaron, there is no one else...this I vow" Dave whispered against his ear kissing him.

Aaron was going to return the favor but they heard one of the children up and jumping up and down the hallway, laughing loudly. Dave winked at him as he finished dressing and walked into the hallway to lay down the law.

All was well again.
Monday came and Dave decided to stay home from work and keep Christian home with him. Much to Jasmine's dismay who bawled about the unfairness. Dave promised her after school he'd take her for icecream and maybe buy a toy.

Aaron was worried because Dave never missed a day of work unless it was for a book tour or signing.

"Are you all right?" he asked grabbing Ashlyn a banana and him a cup of coffee to go.

"Never felt better why do you ask?" Dave looked up from his laptop.

"Because you have never taken a day off on your own"

"First time for everything..." he grinned sheepishly at the virgin reference.

"Yeah well watch what you're Googling okay? Our son is here"

"Scouts honor" Dave laughed.

He and Aaron shared a warm kiss before the girls had to be off to school. He hugged and kissed Ashlyn then Jasmine over fifty million times before she screamed bloody murder when he shut the door so Aaron could back out of the driveway.

"BobBob" Christian said as he and Dave came back inside.

"What's with you and that yellow freak?" Dave sat him on the sofa and turned the television on.

"There you go..." he kissed the tot's forehead and headed into the kitchen to his laptop. He checked his email again. There wasn't any new messages but the phone rang.

"Hotchner-Rossi residence this David"

"Hello David it's Dr. Beier how are you?" the chipper voice of his physcian came on the line.

"A lot better if you tell me some good news"

"Well the tests did come back they weren't abnormal but I still need you to go to the urologist for a double check..."

"So I don't C-A-N-C-E-R?" he spelled it out because Christian had a habit of repeating words to his oldest sister and Daddy who then either told him what it meant or showed him.

"By our tests no but you have an unusual growth in your prostrate and you said the Avodart wasn't helping so I think we can rule that out"

"How long does their tests usually last?"

"Same as ours but if they find something they may want you to stay overnight at a hospital..."

"Oh no fucking way" Christian looked back when an expletive flew out of his mouth. Dave made an oops face.

"David I strongly urge you to come in for the testing. Dr. Grant will have a much better grasp on this than I will"


"And David I know you haven't told your partner but I think Aaron should be aware of everything so he can be there before, during, and after. I mean there could be a positive chance there's nothing wrong but either way you need to communicate with him" she added.

He knew she was right but how was he going to lay this out for Aaron? He didn't want put the fear into him and it be nothing. But then he didn't want to not tell him and it be more serious and end up dying with Aaron wondering why.

Dave knew what he had to do. It was time to tell Aaron about his strange behavior.
Aaron came home right around dinner time. He saw Jasmine on the stool at the island tossing the salad, literally out of the bowl. Ashlyn was stirring the sauce while Dave finished the noodles. Christian was grabbing salad dressing and parmesean cheese out of the fridge and trying to set it on the table.

"Good evening" he kissed Jasmine first. Then made his way to Ashlyn and Dave. He then scooped Christian up into his arms.

"How was your day with Papa?" he asked Christian who was wiggling and giggling wanting Aaron to play.

Jasmine made a frustrated noise and Dave mouthed 'Kill it' Aaron nodded and got Christian's booster seat for the table.

"Dinner is ready" Dave announced tasting the sauce from the spoon.

"How is it?" Ashlyn asked. Dave made a gesture with his hands and mouth.

"Magnifico...Grandma Rossi would've been so proud!" Ashlyn smiled. Jasmine narrowed her eyes and shoved the spoons into the bowl. She crossed her arms and pouted.

"You're not proud of me Papa?" she whined.

"Hey nobody can toss a salad in this family better than you baby"

"Haha mmmmm" she stuck her tongue out at Ashlyn who rolled her eyes and set the table.

They sat down and Aaron was putting cheese on his spaghetti. He turned to Christian to ask if he wanted some.

"No fucking way!" he blurted out with a laugh. Aaron wasn't too pleased and Dave nearly choked on his wine.

"Buddy! Where did you hear that word?"

"Awwww you said bad word Christian! Go to bed!" Jasmine hollered across the table.

He started sniffling and tearing up. Aaron lifted Christian's chin and had him look him in the eye.

"Where did you hear that word?"

"Papa...." he cried out.

"Aaron I said this morning by accident don't punish him"

"But I got in trouble for saying the S word!!!" Jasmine reminded them.

"Yeah well that was different you said it in public"

"I'm mad at you Papa!" she threw fork on the floor and got down.

"Jasmine! Jasmine Mia you back here right now!" Aaron called for her.

She stuck her tongue out and made a zipping noise.

"Ashlyn take your sister to her room and Christian with his dinner to your room if you don't mind to watch television I need to talk to Daddy."

"Okay come on Christian lets go watch TV"


"Sure" she made a face and helped him from the table. Jasmine took off running upstairs from her big sister.

"YOU'RE SO IN TROUBLE!" Ashlyn charged.

"Dave, I'm not angry about the F-bomb but..."

He cut Aaron off.

"No, it's not that there's a reason I let it out..." Dave already felt himself growing emotional. He didn't sit back down which Aaron knew something was wrong.

"Well, tell me don't leave me in suspense"

"You were right something's wrong but before you get paranoid and try to make guesses I'm gonna nip this in the bud...remember we had our yearly physicals?"


"I didn't just go for that. I've been having a lot of discomfort in my prostrate..."

Aaron knew where the conversation was going now. He wasn't prepared for what Dave might say.

"Is it...?" he couldn't say the word.

"Dr. Beier's tests say no but I have to see a urologist. I didn't want to tell you until I was sure"

"So you're saying...you might have cancer?" Aaron's eyes became watery.

"I hope not but I want you to know the reason I've been so short and snappy. I fear it is and I haven't been able to express my love for as much I should...." Aaron arose from the table and put his arms around Dave.

"Please say no more...we'll face this, together." they cried hugging.

"I'm so scared Aaron..."

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Solve This! - Criminal Minds Fun

November 27th, 2009 (09:21 am)

Mapping The Darkness: Outer Limits
How The Darkness Feels: amused
Ear Candy: Beautiful Mess - Some country song my bro was singin

Greetings CM Fanatics! Thanks to the wonderful folks at Jigzone.com I created an account for people to put together jigsaw puzzles of Criminal Minds cast photos and stills from episodes. Just relax and get a big cup of coffee and see if you can beat your best time solving these puzzles!!!

Criminal Minds Jigzone Puzzles

Have fun!!!

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Another Time - Poem Fic

November 26th, 2009 (06:27 am)

Mapping The Darkness: Private
How The Darkness Feels: depressed
Ear Candy: Darius Rucker

Title: Another Time
Summary: A poem fic written in Hotch's POV for Haley.

There used to be a time when I was everything you need
A time when I should've thought more about you and less about me
There used to be a time when I was your hero, a knight in shining armor
And there was a time when I'd let nothing come to harm her

There will come a time when the questions our son asks become too much too bear
I promised to keep the memory of our love alive
I will always wonder if I had been the first one there
Maybe you wouldn't have to had died

There were a lot of things I could've, would've, should've done it haunts me this I don't lie
Maybe someday I'll fix me...another time

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I'm What You Need

November 25th, 2009 (05:10 pm)

How The Darkness Feels: curious
Ear Candy: Aerosmith

( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

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The Greatest Comfort - From CM Kink Meme

November 25th, 2009 (05:05 pm)

Mapping The Darkness: Private
How The Darkness Feels: crazy
Ear Candy: Country again dammit!

( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

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My CM Fanfic OFC/OMC Character Guide

November 24th, 2009 (05:12 pm)

How The Darkness Feels: contemplative
Ear Candy: Sweet Thing by Keith Urban

This is a guide to all my original characters both female and male in case they come up in other stories (in which they might!)

Aimee Reid
Full Name: Aimee Diana Reid
Age: 8
Parents: Dr. Spencer Reid & Katherine Nichols Reid
Fic: Whatever It Takes
Bio: She sometimes feels like she has a strange relationship with her father like they are more best friends and not so much father/daughter. Aimee tends to try to mother her father and her little brothers. She doesn't have a good relationship with her mother and hasn't seen her in eight months prior to turning eight.

Anastasia 'Stasia' Connors
Full Name: Anastasia Chloe Connors
Age: 25
Nickname: Stasia
Occupation: Supervisory Special Agent of the FBI
Fic: Assassin II: Vengence
Bio: Born into a military family from Rosewood TX. She is the only daughter and second child of CIA Agent Richard Connors and FBI Agent Christiana Connors. Stasia specializes in international crime and military crimes.

Ashlyn Hotchner-Rossi

Full name: Ashlyn Nicole Hotchner-Rossi
Age: 7
Fic: Whatever It Takes
Parents: David Rossi & Aaron Hotchner
Bio: The oldest Hotchner-Rossi child and by her quote "The most responsible." Ashlyn has a nuturing personality and favors Rossi though her surrogate mother chose Hotch to father Ashlyn. She tries to be the mom of the house and is very advanced for a girl her age. She likes to cook with her Papa and read stories to Christian with Daddy.

Brittany Prentiss

Full Name: Brittany Chanel Prentiss
Age: 5
Fic: Whatever It Takes
Parents: Emily Prentiss & Nathaniel Jones

Carver Morgan

Christian Hotchner-Rossi
Full name: Christian Austin Hotchner-Rossi
Age: 3
Fic: Whatever It Takes
Parents: David Rossi & Aaron Hotchner.
Bio: The third and only boy of Hotch and Rossi. He was born by surrogate mother and Hotch. He is shy and very sensitive but has a strong mischievious streak. You most likely will find Christian curled up with his dads watching tv or in bed at night. He never likes sleeping in his room.

Dexter Reid

Garcia Lynch

Jasmine Hotchner-Rossi
Full Name: Jasmine Mia Hotchner-Rossi
Age: 5
Fic: Whatever It Takes
Parents: David Rossi & Aaron Hotchner
Bio: The uber princess and always suffering middle child syndrome, Jasmine always upstages her shyer siblings by her historonic personality (which if you ask Hotch she gets from Rossi). She was concieved by a different mother than Ashlyn and Christian who wanted Rossi to father her. Jasmine isn't always a drama queen she feels others pain and is highly emotional when it comes to Hotch.

Kyle Reid

Liam Prentiss

Minka Chevosky
Full Name: Minka Drea Chevosky
Age: 31
Fic: Assassin II: Vengence
Occupation: Assassin
Bio: Born in Russia and raised in Germany her linage is deeply rooted in espionage. She is the daughter of a Russian spy and a Hungarian assassin. Minka was trained from an early age to be vigilant, quick, and merciless to her victims.

Precious Lynch

Rachel Jareau LaMontagne

Sasha St. James
Full Name: Sasha Claire St. James
Age: 29
Fic(s): Assassin, Assassin II: Vengence
Occupation: Assassin
Bio: Not much is known about Sasha just that she's been an assassin since she was 22 years old. She was born in Russia as stated by Erin Strauss in Assassin. She was assigned to kill Hotch but due to her overwhelming sexual attraction couldn't bring herself to do it. As per ending she escaped being arrested.

Theo Morgan

Tish Morgan


Alyssa Rossi
Deputy Christopher Marshall
Detective Gabriel Richards
Gian Luizzo Rossi
Gina Rossi
Gino "Big Papa" Rossi
Jeffery Michaels
Katherine 'Wild Kat' Matthews
Michela Luizzo
Miranda Stevenson
Nathaniel Davidson
Paolo Luizzo Rossi
Sheriff Daniel Hankens

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Whatever It Takes - Part One

November 24th, 2009 (06:50 am)

Mapping The Darkness: Home
How The Darkness Feels: tired
Ear Candy: Whatever It Takes by Lifehouse

Title: Whatever It Takes
Rated: ranges from PG to R
Pairing: Rossi/Hotch
A/N: This is inspired by [info]jm0306 fic A Long Time Coming which I strongly recommend you read first. Otherwise my story might not make much sense. If you would like to see photos of the children and learn more about them CLICK HERE to be taken to my ofc/omc character guide.
Summary: Problems come in twos and threes as Hotch and Rossi start planning on parenthood together. Intro in italics spoken by Hotch.
I remember the day we brought Ashlyn Nicole Hotchner-Rossi home from the hospital. I was way more excited than Papa. Dave was nervous this was after all his first child. Big brother Jack of course kept trying to tell us how to put her in the car seat.

"No Dad! Support her neck!" Jack fussed.

"Like I haven't done this before huh?" I quipped placing her blonde head gently down on the neck pillow Papa bought her.

We visited her surrogate mother before leaving the hospital with Ashlyn. She wished us well and made us promise that Ashlyn would be a happy little girl.

Princess. That's her nickname Dave forbade me from spoiling her but every time I turned my back he was picking her up and giving her sweets behind my back.

"Thought your rule of thumb was 'no spoiling that little girl'?" I asked one morning sipping my coffee.

"No, I distinctly remember saying 'No, you shouldn't spoil that little girl' Aaron." Dave remarked kissing Ashlyn's forehead.

We both laughed and life was great. We didn't know how time would alter things or how bringing more kids into the family would be. Especially when we brought home Jasmine Mia and then Christian Austin.


"Papa we're going to be late!" Ashlyn yelled upstairs.

"We're coming!" both Dave and Aaron hollered back to their impatient seven year old.

"I don't want to go...." Jasmine wailed at the top of the steps. Dave tried coecering her to go down the steps but she held onto the bannister and bawled.

"STOP IT PAPA!!! YOU'RE MEAN!" she screamed through her tear stained eyes.

"Come on don't you want to see your teacher and the other kids again?" Dave tried the good guy approach again.

"NO!" she spat in his face.

Dave looked up at Aaron and sighed. He gave him the you-wanna-try look. Dave went downstairs Aaron sat on the stairs next to Jasmine. He straightened her pink dress and wiped the tears from her eyes.

"Jaz, I know this is hard for you...you've gotten to spend the first four years of your life with me uninterrupted but Daddy has to go back to work now."

"Why? Why can't we stay home and watch Dora all day...?" she sniffled.

"Because Daddy likes working and I will be right there at three o'clock to pick you up. Promise." he gave his word.

"Pinky promise?" she held out her little pinky finger. He hooked it with his and she let go of the bannister and latched onto Aaron.

"Finally! You're such a big baby Jasmine!" Ashlyn declared following Dave into the kitchen.


"Are too!" they argued back and forth with threats of smacking and hair pulling. It was like this until it was time to leave.

"Where's Christian?" Aaron asked looking around the kitchen.

Christian also had gotten to stay with Daddy the first two years of his life and now that he was three and Aaron decided to go back to the FBI he was putting Christian in daycare and Christian wasn't a happy camper.

"Christian!" everyone called for him. Ashlyn was in the doorway of his room everything was a wreck except the bed. Christian always slept with Daddy and Papa. She then listened to hear sobs coming from the toy box.

"FOUND HIM!" she called down the hall and Aaron got there first. Ashlyn pointed to the baby blue, whale shaped toy box. Aaron lifted the lid to see Christian curled up in the fetal position squeezing Bobo his stuffed elephant that was a present from Aaron.

"Come on buddy we're going to be late" he held his hands out for Christian to come to him.

"No, I'm invisble Daddy!" he threw his baby blanket over his head. Aaron had to laugh he sure was going to miss staying home all day. He lifted his toddler son out of the box and cradled him close.

"It won't be so bad after the first couple of weeks. You like Miss Janney don't you?"

"Yeah but she not you daddy!" he kissed Christian's forehead. Ashlyn handed Aaron the little blue backpack that belonged to Christian. He got up and carried him downstairs. Dave was having a time out of Jasmine about her booster seat.

"I want to ride in my baby seat!" she growled.

"You're too big for it. You can ride in a booster seat now"

"Don't want it!" she was on the verge of another melt down.

"Must you bawl at everything?" Ashlyn went outside first.

"I hate you Papa!" she smacked his leg and ran out the house.

"Don't let it cut you so deep Dave. She's only five it's a phase they go through." Aaron tried to reassure him because he looked both angry and hurt.

"Well, it would help Aaron if you didn't let her say things like that you know a little discipline would be nice and much appreciated"

"What are you talking about?" Aaron asked. He really hadn't any clue what Dave was hinting around at.

"Oh like you don't know you pushover?"

"Dave, you're seriously angry at me about this?"

"No, we're late and I'm aggravated." he walked out.

Aaron kissed Christian again and walked out after locking the door and engaging the alarm system. Aaron would have to find the proper moment to talk to Dave about this. There was something more than just spoiled children as the problem.
That night Dave and Ashlyn were cooking dinner together while Aaron played with Jasmine and Christian in the floor. Aaron put Dora into the DVD Player but no one was watching it.

"Daddy..." Jasmine pounced Aaron while Christian landed on his other side.

"You two are too much!" he laughed out loud rolling over. He looked up from the floor to lock gazes with Dave. He smiled at him but Dave quickly looked down into the mixing bowl.

"Here's the eggs I separated the whites from the yolks. Your cholesterol was outrageous Papa..." Ashlyn said dumping them into the bowl. She looked at her Daddy she could sense the tension between her fathers.

"Daddy does discipline but he prefers alternative parenting methods. I know you're old school and all like Dads of old..."

"What do you know about old school?" he asked his seven going on forty year old daughter. She gave him such a duh look and laughed.

"Besides Daddy and I will work this out. Don't worry cara..." he lifted her chin and she smiled a little.

"Papa I'm starving! Is it readyyyyy yet!" Jasmine yelled moving her hair from her eyes and jumping into the kitchen.

Dave knelt down and opened his arms. Jasmine stared at him coquettishly then ran full force into his arms. He kissed her cheek and cradled her close. She pulled apart and kissed his nose.

"I love you Papa...I'm sorry for this morning"

"Its okay Jaz I suppose it's a kid thing" she and he shared a laugh and he put her down. She ran back into the living room to watch Dora.

Aaron came up behind Dave after setting Christian in front of his block table. He kissed his neck and cheek while rubbing his shoulders up and down.

"See it's just a phase. Plus I'm sure your class loves hearing about our unusual home life." Aaron referred to this morning about Dave's aggravation with being late.

"Oh you mean two gay men raising three kids...heard it all" Dave said turning to his husband.

"If you want Dave I'm sure we can arrange a sitter for a night and go out. Like we used to..."

"Before we had kids?" Dave asked suddenly.

"Dave..." before he could finish Ashlyn came over to get plates. The look on her face was worry she quickly wedged herself between the two men.

"I'm going to set the table" she said solemnly pulling out the plates. Aaron gave Dave a regretful look and returned to the living room.

Dave almost said the wrong thing.
"How about we try sleeping in the big bed tonight?" Aaron asked Christian while he was brushing his teeth.

"Nuh-uh. Seep wif you Daddy" he said wrapping his arms around his neck. Aaron couldn't tell him no, it would break both their hearts.

Dave came with Jasmine in his arms and Ashlyn by his side.

"Brush up and crawl in your covers" he said putting Jasmine down. Aaron carried Christian down the hall to his and Dave's bedroom. He peeled the covers back on his side and let Christian crawl towards the middle.

"Book Daddy!" he wanted Aaron to read him a story.

"Not tonight okay? Tonight we sleep without a story deal?"

"Nuh-uh! Tory time!" he hollered. Aaron went out the room down to Christian's bedroom. He scanned the bookshelf and grabbed The Velveteen Rabbitt and went back to his bedroom. He and Dave bumped into one another in the hallway. Jasmine and Ashlyn were holding his hands.

"The girls are ready for bed" he said pulling them forward towards Aaron.

Aaron crouched down and hugged them both. He was going to wait until Christian was asleep and carry him into his own bedroom. He wouldn't wake up happy but if Aaron didn't talk to Dave he might not wake up in this house ever again.

"Good night girls...Daddy loves you" he kissed both their cheeks.

"Night Daddy!" they said going into Ashlyn's room.

It took Aaron ten minutes to get Christian asleep. It took Dave a little longer to get Jasmine and Ashlyn asleep. Aaron carried Christian to his room and turned his Noah's Ark night light on for him. He pulled the door half shut then looked into Jasmine's room. Dave laid her gently into her princess bed and covered her up. He turned on her night light then came out pulling her door up behind him.

Once they were in their room they pulled their door shut softly. Aaron didn't know if there was going to be voice raising or not. He prayed not, he wanted he and Dave to talk this out instead of a blow up. But lately Dave had been acting like he didn't care either way.

"What were you going to say before Ashlyn interrupted?" Aaron confronted.

"Nothing" Dave answered too quickly.

"Right, and are we also supposed to pretend the only thing aggravating you this morning was our spoiled children?"

"Your words not mine" he was quick and snappy. Angering Aaron even further.

"Dave, you knew when we decided to have kids that there would be precious little time for anything else! Being a parent is a commitment and a full time job"

"Naw you think?" Dave spat at him taking off his shirt.

"What have we become? Lately we've just been going through the motions...I try to get intimate and you reject me what am I supposed to Dave, beg you touch me?"

"You don't have to do anything you aren't comfortable with Aaron." Dave crawled into bed and turned over on his side.

"Is there someone else?" Aaron asked easing his way into bed.

"No, there isn't" Dave answered and turned out his lamp.

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November 23rd, 2009 (08:26 pm)

Mapping The Darkness: Look Out Ur Window!
How The Darkness Feels: geeky
Ear Candy: Country right now dammit!

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is my first CM fanfic EVER! I know it's probably filled with inaccuracies but who cares because it's fiction. But be kind to this baby...it's what got me to dive head first into CM Fandom!


Two startling knocks on the door were echoing in the back of Aaron Hotchner’s mind. He had just laid down two hours after downing a half glass of whiskey. It sounded like a dream and that there was really no one at his door. That thought was shattered as the knocking came back twice as hard and twice as frantic.

Hotch leaned over the bed and focused his vision it was still blurred. A nice headache was on it’s way. Just what I need. He put his pajama pants over his boxers and went into the living room. Two clicks of the lock and he opened the door to see a fist getting ready to knock again. Attached to a familiar face.


Miranda Stevenson had been a mere blur in Hotch’s past. Hotch grew up with her older sister Nadine their families were neighbors and Hotch tutored Nadine one whole summer. He figured out quickly it was a scam because Nadine had feelings for him but it was Miranda who he liked but he wasn’t sure she felt for him. She dated rough and tumble types guys he now tracked down for a living because they weren’t just looking for a fight they started looking for a kill.

Hotch was puzzled when Miranda charged into his arms. He could feel her sobbing against his chest. Awkwardly he put his arms around her and pulled her inside.

Miranda caught sight of him staring at her.

"I know I’m such a mess" she wiped her eyes. He handed her a couple tissues. She briefly wiped her eyes and a fearful look came into her eyes again.

"Miranda what are you doing here? How’d you know where I lived?" Hotch being impatient had to know he didn’t like being held in suspense.

"It’s Jeffery..."

She didn’t have to say much else. Jeffery Michaels was everything Hotch hated in men and he was the loser she turned her back on him for. Hotch wasn’t surprised this had to do with him because he used to talk to Miranda’s mother and she’d beg him repeatedly to come home and steal her away from the bastard she chose.

"He’s...done something" she looked at the floor when she said it.

Hotch knew Miranda well enough that if she didn’t look you in the eyes she might be lying or the fear was probably beaten into her skull some way or another.

"What you mean...done something?" he says the way she had delivered it to him.

Miranda swallowed the lump in her throat and played with her long dark locks nervously.

"Aaron, he’s just been so crazy lately...and he kept threatening to kill me...I called the local police and they wouldn’t help me!! One night he came home from work and he started packing a bag and I asked him where was he going and he told me ‘fuck off you stupid cunt I’ll do what I want’ but there was something wrong with him..."

Hotch was making mental notes of her information but also her body language and speech.

"What did you notice was wrong with him?"

"He just looked afraid...I thought maybe he owed one of the guys down at the bar money but it was different he usually just slept with his shotgun when they’d threaten him...but this time he just threw clothes in the bag and then just left out. Aaron I’m scared because what if whoever he pissed off will come after me??? You know I’ve heard they like to get personal and he doesn’t love me Aaron...I need protection! Please I didn’t know where else to go!"

Hotch had to stand down as a profiler for a minute and become Aaron, her friend. He put his arms around her she sobbed into his chest some more. Hotch ran his fingers through her dark tresses as she let out a loud gasp.

"Miranda, I’ll run this by team and we’ll help you but I need you to take us back to your house okay? Can you go back?"

She just nodded ‘yes’ and pulled tightly to him.

An hour later Miranda was sitting on the sofa while Hotch was getting her something to drink. He put two cubes of ice into her small glass then poured some bourbon. He looked up into the mirror at himself.

What are you doing? You don’t care about Jeffery Michaels. You’re hoping something has happened to the stupid fuck! Miranda can’t trust you!

He knew that might be true but she could trust his team. He’d let Rossi take the lead and as usual send Morgan
and Prentiss to search for the schlub husband and talk to people in their surroundings, Garcia to check his credit cards and bank card information, JJ and Reid would work in tandem with the local police to figure out why hadn’t they done something for her sooner!

He came into the living room and she was sitting upward with her knees tightly to her chest. She was startled when he passed the drink to her. She shook her head ‘no.’

"It’s just bourbon it’ll relax you"

She accepted it with shaky hands. He sat beside her she stared at him a moment. His eyes were glancing over his walls. Hotch then caught sight of Miranda staring at him.

"You’ve changed Aaron..."

"How have I changed?" he sounded defensive but he was just curious to see how Miranda now perceived him.

"Marriage really did something good for you...my mother told me you married Haley Brooks. Not surprised. How’s your little boy Jack?"

"I guess he’s okay. I don’t get to see him much anymore" he took a long drink of his bourbon.

He didn’t want to bring up Foyet or any other of the horrific events of his daily life. He wanted to focus solely on Miranda because he knew at least someone needed him right now...someone he really cared about.
"Miranda this Agent David Rossi, Agent Emily Prentiss, Agents Morgan and Jareau, and Dr Spencer Reid" Hotch introduced her to the team she smiled and nodded.

Morgan’s computer screen suddenly came on with Garcia on the camera.

"How many years have I been working for you sir?" she was highly offended.

"This is Penelope Garcia she’s our technical analyst" he made good on his offense.

"That a boy chief...okay so I was running checks on his credit card turns out it wasn’t his at all it’s mother and father’s but hasn’t been used in two weeks. Bank cards are clear although he made a rather large purchase last month..."

"What did he buy?" Rossi asked.

"Let me bring up the receipt...ah he bought a chipper. I dare not to ask what for..."

"Was it just a rental?"

"Well yes and no. Yes he rented it but no he didn’t return it. And he also bought lawn and garden trash bags, highly chemical cleaning solutions, those nice gloves that only a selective people use..."

"Selective?" Hotch asked.

"You know the kind most likely you want to commit a crime with...but all activity stopped two weeks ago"

"What did he buy two weeks ago baby girl?"

"It says private purchase..."

"You can find out what he purchased right?"

"Shame on you for questioning my genius Prentiss! Of course I can and you all will know as soon as I know" she disappeared.

"Okay we’re going to Virginia and Rossi and I will go to their house and check it out. I want Morgan and Prentiss to talk to everyone that either Miranda or Jeffery knows. JJ you and Reid will take Miranda to the police to file a missing person’s report..."

Before he could finish a call came in. He hit the button and put them on speaker.

"This is Agent Hotchner go ahead"

"Yes, this is the Waynesboro County Police Department there’s been a murder...ah hell I can’t tell if it’s one body or many because they’re all in damn pieces..."

"Sir we’re on our way..."
The team minus JJ who took Miranda to the police station met the Sheriff Daniel Hankens at the crime scene. Everyone was putting on their gloves.

"Thank you for coming out Agent Hotchner" he greeted them and led them under the taped off area.

"How was this all discovered?" Hotch asked.

"Well, this is farm land it belongs to Betty and John Humer. They said about a week ago they’re dogs were barking and they figured it was probably animals but their golden retriever Duke started digging right in through here. The Humer’s didn’t pay much attention until he turned up dead"

"He was eating the remains...how much of the pieces have you recovered?" Reid asked.

"Hell...probably enough to at least get a DNA sample we hope but the dog was laying here with green foam around his mouth and the pieces of ‘meat’ were covered in it too"

Prentiss looked as if she were about to puke. Rossi lifted the sheet off the dog and it was just like the sheriff said.
"We need to get this dog checked out...did you check the surrounding areas for anything suspicious?" Rossi covered the beast back up.

"Why? The crime happened here"

"Well, the unsub who mulched these bodies or body whichever is the case most likely might have left something behind but not too close but not too far away from the crime scene." Morgan said.

The sheriff gave orders to search every area within two miles of the Humer’s farm. He came back to the station with Rossi and Hotch to check on Miranda.

She was sitting in a room by herself with her arms crossed. Hotch stared into the glass as JJ was relaying some information to Rossi and Sheriff Hankens. He knew she must be scared and probably fearing Jeffery might come back and find her. Miranda looked up and directly into Hotch’s eyes he turned quickly.

"What’s a matter Aaron?" Rossi could see it on his face that something was wrong.

"Sheriff did Miranda ever file a police report against Jeffery?" Hotch knew this wasn’t important right now but had to know.

"If she did it’d be with my deputy...Chris get over here. This is Agents Jareau, Rossi, and Hotchner of the FBI they need to ask you a couple questions"

"Sure" he said in a slick and controlled manner.

"Did Miranda file a domestic violence report against Jeffery?"

Rossi was paying attention to the intensity of Hotch on this kid. He could see Aaron’s demeanor changing from a dutiful agent to a ready to snap lunatic. Rossi then stared at the deputy who was smirking. He knew trouble would happen if he failed to comply with Aaron’s request.

"She might have but those would be on file"

"Bring them up"

Hotch’s tone even surprised JJ. There was no will you please? There was just a command. How much had Hotch invested in this woman?

"I can..." he was going to refuse but Hotch’s fist were clenched and he was moving closer.

"Right away Agent Hotchner" he went to the computer.

"I’m going to check on Miranda before we head to her house" he said walking away. Rossi and JJ exchanged puzzled glances.

"I guess I’m following Deputy Do Right" she said and walked away.

Rossi got beside Hotch trying to stop him from going into the room.

"Aaron what’s the deal? Strauss already is giving you heat for taking this shit too personal. Why don’t you just go home and we’ll handle it so if any procedural difficulties occur we’ll each take equal blame"

"Dave, I’m not taking this personal. I’m doing my job and Strauss is the least of my worries. I can’t let my team take a fall because I stupidly left them behind to do this on their own. That’s reckless Dave."

Rossi knew he couldn’t push it with Hotch he just let him enter the room. Rossi had to get a good ear on what was being said. He put his ear closer to the door.

"Did Jeffery do this?"

"We’re not sure but I can almost guarantee he did. Miranda if he’s still out there do you have somewhere safe you can stay?"

Tears welled up in her eyes. She sobbed softly pulling at Hotch’s heart strings.

"No...he’ll find me like he always does. Please Aaron don’t leave me. I’m sorry..."

What did she have remorse for? Both Rossi and Hotch were thinking it.

"Miranda you didn’t do anything wrong..."

"I broke your heart Aaron but I never told you why...Nadine was my sister and I couldn’t believe you turned her down. I really liked you though..."

That hurt to hear the past tense of the word. Then Miranda leaned forward and took his hand.

"I still do" she whispered.

Rossi sighed heavily and rolled his eyes.

He’s doing it for love...stupid fuck!

Reid thought it was highly unusual to see Rossi with his ear pinned to the door. He looked through the glass to see Hotch and Miranda talking still.

"Actually if you were skilled enough you could read lips..." Rossi jumped.

"Jesus, Reid! You scared the shit out of me." he stepped away from the door.

"Sorry but for future reference the best way to hear others conversation’s a cup is most useful it magnifies the sounds inside the room"

"I’ll try to remember that Reid thanks."

He was heading toward the exit when Hotch came out. He caught sight of Reid and Rossi staring at him.


Neither man commented. But Reid opened a folder and took out a paper inside.

"The preliminary tests came back on the dog it was lime that he ingested. My guess is the pieces were limed so the blood and tissues would die. And most likely not leave a rotten smell behind"

"We’re dealing with a smart man" Rossi said still staring at Hotch. Who was giving him equal stares back.

"What about the pieces?" Hotch asked not breaking his gaze from Rossi.

"Well, they’ve narrowed it down to one person"

"One unsub?" Rossi asked finally breaking the stare down.

"No, the pieces all belong to the same person they’re figuring out who."

"Reid get with JJ and tell the police who we’re looking for"

Rossi was highly irritated now. Hotch was acting brash and was about to make a mistake.

"Aaron we haven’t even spoken to anyone they know or been to their house. Don’t you think you’re jumping the gun?"

"Dave the more time we spend running our mouth’s the less time it will take for him to find her..."

Hotch went to walk out the door he flipped his phone up to call Morgan and Prentiss.

"So, we’re supposed to jump because you have feelings for our victim? Look I know all about the one who always gets away...but Aaron it’s no reason to cause panic and wasted efforts of our team and the police department for one man. If it’s him then we need to know if there are any other murders or victims. We have to profile his reasons...Aaron I didn’t want to say this in front of her but something’s not right..."

"Stop it right there Dave! You have no idea what you’re talking about! I’m not using an emotional stand point!!! And how dare you question my authority like that...Reid I want it done...Now!"

Morgan answered his call as Hotch was coming out the of the police station. Reid wasn’t sure how to proceed and looked to Rossi for the answer.

"Do what he says..." Rossi told him parting company.



"Get to know her" he nodded towards the glass.
Reid knew that Rossi was referring for him to profile Miranda to see if she was being totally honest.

"So tell me about Jeffery is he a very violent person?" Reid came in and handed Miranda a glass of water.

"He always had a control issue. Who I could talk to...where I could go and things I could do"

Reid noticed she was seemingly talking in the past tense. This might’ve been for several valid reasons but he had to know more.

"Did he ever...use violence as a way to control you?" he tried speaking in a more sympathetic tone.

"Constantly..." there was a distant and reflective look in her eyes and before Reid had a chance to speak JJ entered the room with a very concerned look on her face.

"Reid, I need to speak to you"

"Sure JJ, we’ll be right back" he followed her out of the room.

"What’s up?"

"The deputy is such an ass! He has this vendetta for women or something...he was supposed to give me records if Miranda filed a police report against Jeffery and what does the jackass do? He first gets hateful because I’m not Hotch then aggressively suggests I go get my MALE superior. Okay, I need you to go get those records and I’ll do whatever is you’re supposed to be doing. Reid you don’t know how neanderthal these men are around here..."

"Well, it’s typically a redneck town but I’m interviewing Miranda more personal for Rossi"

"Oh yeah you mean the way Hotch was acting weird? What’s Rossi’s guess?"

"Well, he feels she’s withholding information or lying look you’re a woman and I think she’d feel more comfortable about the abusive aspects with you"

"So it is a gender thing?" JJ was highly irritated.

"No, you know what I mean. I have nothing but respect for you JJ"

"I know Reid it’s just I’m so...fed up with these men it’s not funny. So get the records and I’ll see if I can’t open pandora’s box" they traded places.

JJ opened the door to the room to see an empty chair. Miranda bailed out. JJ turned around and glanced around the room.

This was bad...real bad.
Hotch had instructed Morgan and Prentiss to meet he and Rossi at Miranda and Jeffery’s house. They got out of the unmarked as soon as Rossi and Hotch arrived.

"We didn’t get a chance to talk to anyone what gives?" Morgan called Hotch out. Hotch stared angrily at him and walked into the house. Morgan looked at Rossi for clues who was equally as pissed.

"It must be grumpy old men day" Morgan said to Prentiss as they walked into the house.

They did a brief sweep of their two story rambler. There wasn’t really anything unsettling about the house just the deer heads mounted on the wall and the bear that made Morgan jump when he wasn’t paying attention and pulled a gun on it. Which made Prentiss hysterical almost.

"My hero" she joked.

"Who would shoot an already dead bear for me" she clasped her hands over heart and he sneered putting his gun away.

Rossi and Hotch suppressed a few smirks but decided to do a deeper search like into their personal effects.
They all ended up in their bedroom. Hotch slid the closet door back. It was obvious someone had vacated the home. Clothes were strewn everywhere and it was apparent from the white squares in closet floor not matching the now beige carpet that luggage was recently taken out.
Rossi was at the window looking at driveway.

"So Jeffery comes home he most likely left the truck running...comes in runs up here and gets the luggage out of the closet and begins throwing God knows what around the closet to get his stuff...she comes in asks a question and a fight ensues. He maybe shoves her..."

"Shoves her?" Hotch wanted to know how he got that deduction.

Rossi led them to the wall beside the door. He smooths his gloved hand over what appeared to be a dent.

"He had to push pretty hard to make a dent into the wall" Prentiss observed.

Morgan went over and knocked on the wall it was hollow.

"Not really it’s hollow and probably so old the slightest bump could make it cave...poor structure" Morgan noticed and reported.

They were chattering about where he’d go and who he’d kill. Rossi looked deeper into the closet to see long silver cases. As a game shooter himself he realized the cases were rifles quite possibly.

"He’s a hunter right?" Rossi pulled one of the silver cases out.

"What are you getting at Dave?" Hotch looked at him with eyes as cold as steel.

"Why did he need a chipper? He has high powered rifles. It makes no sense he has weapons right here"

"Well, if he’s violent and a power seeker it’s not enough that he can shoot them he needs to torture them and further agonize their pain and suffering" Prentiss followed closely.

"Right but you would think he would know Miranda well enough to call police he would need something to stave them off...maybe go somewhere secluded. She said he slept with his gun in his arm for protection"

"She was frightened Dave and he knew that he had power over her. He knew she wouldn’t call anyone as long as he left her alone"

Rossi put the gun case on the bed and flipped it open. The gun was gone. Hotch gave him the ‘I told you so’ look.

"We’ve got to get word to the police who we’re looking for and quickly"

They filed out of the room with Hotch in the lead. Rossi still felt unsettled he was going out of the room when felt something strange in the closet he was going in for a closer look when heard Morgan calling him.

"Yo you comin man?"

He hurried down the steps.

"I’m riding with Morgan" he announced going toward his car.

"Fine" Hotch looked at Prentiss and turned toward his car.

"Looks like the honeymoon is over Prentiss" Morgan joked going to his car.

"When did it ever get started?" she remarked following a sauntering Hotch.
Rossi was silent down the road. Morgan knew there was a reason other than getting away from Hotch that he wanted to ride with him. Morgan didn’t want to play into the silent game because he would then have to ask him what’s wrong?

"He’s not thinking clearly..." Rossi started. Morgan sighed he might as well get it over with.

"What are you talking about?"

"Hotch...Miranda is his past love interest the one that got away. He’s using the fact she’s desperate and needy to fill him up and it’s clouding his judgment"

"Rossi what are you saying? Hotch is still in love with her?"

"Yes, Derek think about it he can’t let her down. But he’s ignoring the giant gaps in her story. She’s playing the emotional card. She’s tugging at his heart!"

"So she’s lying? Withholding or what?"

"Lying" Rossi said harshly.

"You mean...you think she killed him?"

There was silence. Rossi wasn’t sure if that were true he hoped for Hotch’s sake it wasn’t. After all Hotch was still his friend.
Back the station JJ was a miss while Reid was scanning the police reports Miranda filed. Hotch and the rest of the team came in.

"Where’s JJ? Did you guys tell the police?"

"Uhh no JJ’s not here and I just got these police reports."

Reid knew Hotch was angry now. He handed Hotch the reports that Miranda had filed against him.

"Jeffery made several threats to her life. He busted her upper lip, fractured her skull and broke four bones through her wrist and legs"

Hotch had enough. The deputy that was supposed to handle the reports was in the break room drinking coffee and laughing with the other men. Hotch glared at him and back down at the papers he moved forward taking the files out of Reid’s hands.

He ripped the door open. Everyone stopped laughing as Hotch slammed the thick file down.

"She called you...she told you what he was doing to her and you did nothing?!?!?!?" the deputy went to get out of the chair when Hotch pinned him against the wall.

The other officers backed away and the team came to the doorway with Rossi and Morgan in the lead and Reid a little ways behind them. Prentiss hung in the back.

"Does this make you feel better? A helpless woman who is a victim of malicious beatings from her husband!! And you don’t even so much as give her protective order against him? WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?!?!?"

"AARON? Let him go!" Rossi hollered at him.

"Not now Dave! Tell me you gutless sonofabitch!" he shoved him into the wall harder.

"I did what could for her" was all he said.

"Obviously you didn’t do enough you sorry fuck!" Hotch let him hit the floor and he walked out the room.
JJ ran back in and into Hotch. She didn’t like the look on his face or what she had to tell him.

"Hotch...Miranda has gone missing..."

He turned and looked at the deputy. Did he have some kind of connection to Jeffery?
JJ relayed everything that happened just before she discovered Miranda had gone. How the deputy treated her and how she asked Reid to handle him. Reid relayed that he had no issue getting the files from him.

"He knows Jeffery in some way or is related" Hotch deduced.

No one could say anything they had seen Hotch on edge before and knew when it came to people he cared about there was no in the middle with him.

"Greetings from Planet Strauss is Having A Shit Fit!" Garcia appeared on the screen of the BAU laptop.

"What’s up Garcia?"

"Okay aside from the fact you missed a very important call from Strauss chief...the truck and chipper have been found. It’s two counties over and it was driven into a lake..." she was typing and reading her screen some more.

"Did they find anything in the truck?" Rossi asked.

"Yeah fish, seaweed..."

"No, personal items?"

"Well nothing really of value except a .22 caliber assault rifle"

Rossi had a sort of cocky, satisfied look on his face. Hotch caught a glimpse of it he didn’t have time to say anything else Garcia came back to them.

"And strangely enough that private purchase wasn’t so private after all it was private detective that was hired"

"Why would he hire a detective unless he felt Miranda was hiding something but the way she told me was he controlled her every move" Reid said.

"I don’t know but I’ve got the name and address and I’m sending it to..."

"Morgan" Hotch spoke up.

"Sure...there you are honey bunny. I’m also sending to whomever’s phone I choose where you can find the truck and chipper"

JJ’s phone lit up.

"I’m on it"

"Take Reid with you" Hotch ordered.

"Rossi and Prentiss go with Morgan"

"What are you gonna do?" Morgan asked him.

"Look for Miranda"

Rossi was about to object his authority again when Sheriff Hankens came in.

"The DNA from the pieces came back..."

"And?" Hotch was on the edge of his seat.

"You aren’t going to believe this but those pieces are the remains of Jeffery Michaels!"
Things were crashing all around them especially Hotch. He couldn’t believe it. He had to find Miranda because whoever mangled Jeffery would come for her next. Or did they already have her?

"Okay lets go over a profile because now it’s not Jeffery"

"Hotch its too late for a profile man everything we thought has been thrown out"

Rossi had something to say but he kept his mouth shut.

"Look we’ll do the best we can and fill it in as we go along. Morgan we’ll go talk to this P.I. JJ and Reid will follow up with the truck and Prentiss you and Hotch search for Miranda"

Hotch wanted to call Dave out on making decisions on his behalf and questioning his authority but let it slide.

They had to work quickly. Time wasn’t exactly on their side.
Detective Gabriel Richards had a sharp looking office. Morgan and Rossi noticed everything was immaculately placed and nothing was out of order. They knocked on his door.

He wasn’t an elder man but might be a little older than Rossi. He was startled by Morgan’s knock.

"Sorry...Detective Gabriel Richards I’m Agent Derek Morgan and this Agent David Rossi we’re with the FBI we need to ask you some questions"

"I’m sorry gentleman my cases are private"

"We’re pulling rank on you" Rossi told him showing the credentials.

"Allright who is it you’re looking for?"

"Have you ever talked to or dealt with a Jeffery Michaels?" Morgan asked leaning against the doorframe.

"Michaels...Michaels" he went rummaging through his file cabinet under M.

"Please do sit down. I can’t always remember everyone that comes through my door because sometimes they just want to know someone’s updated location. I don’t know why people think I’m whitepages.com or something!"
He searched the entire cabinet. He came up empty handed.

"Sorry no Jeffery Michaels" he went to shut the drawer.

"What about Miranda Michaels?" Rossi knew she had to be the one to contact the detective.

He searched again forwards and backwards. He shook his head.

"Thank you" Morgan was going to walk out but Rossi didn’t want to let up.

"What about Miranda Stevenson?" Rossi asked heatedly.

"That sounds familiar!" he went into his cabinet. Morgan gave Rossi a look of concern.

"AHA! Yes, here it is I remember her now she’s the one who assumed I was a damn telephone book."

"Who was she having you investigate?"

"Not really an investigation more like an update you know address, martial status...things of that nature. Why doesn’t the poor woman get a Facebook or MySpace?"

Rossi and Morgan were becoming agitated with his small talk.

"Who was she looking for?" Rossi stated plainly.

Detective Richards look down at the file and found one photograph out of many he took and slid it towards them.

"Aaron Hotchner"
JJ and Reid were meeting the police two counties over from Waynesboro. A wrecker was pulling the truck and chipper out.

"I spoke with Penelope Garcia who told me the FBI were coming. Something about this being connected to an open case?"

They turned to see the chief of police. JJ extended her hand to him he shook it warmly.

"I’m Agent Jareau and this Dr Reid" they shook.

"Nathaniel Davidson. Do you have any idea who it belongs to?"

"Yes, a Jeffery Michaels but he’s deceased somebody used the chipper to rid his body" JJ said.
Davidson shook his head.

"Poor sonofabitch listen if my department can be of service you just let me know"


Reid got his gloves on as soon as the chipper and truck hit dry land. He and JJ did a full sweep of the vehicle and chipper.

"Whoever did this also put lime in the chipper to clean it in case it was found but question is didn’t they know when they drove it in the lake the water would detoriate the evidence as well?"

"I don’t think so..." JJ said opening the truck’s passenger door. A suitcase fell out.

"What are you thinking?" Reid asked JJ.

"I think whoever murdered him couldn’t stand what they had done and had to dissociate themselves with the crime and weapon plus any personal effects Jeffery had."

"Like a cleansing?"

"Right. Only they weren’t going to drive the truck in the lake they were just going to hide it but then it was too late...driving the truck and chipper into the water was a last resort"

"More like an admission of guilt. This murder was planned but the aftermath was not. Our unsub is very inexperienced"

"And very nervous...Reid when you were interviewing Miranda how was she talking to you?"

"Hmm past tense"

"I don’t follow..."

"JJ here’s the thing she kept referring to Jeffery in the past tense like he had a controlling personality"

"Oh my God! Reid we’ve got to tell the team"

"Are we sure Miranda is the unsub?"

"Reid you saw those police reports?"

He resigned to silence.

"But why would she come to D.C.? Why would she go to the FBI’s front door?"

"Arrogance maybe? Showing Jeffery in spirit maybe that she’s the strong one now"

"We need to talk to Rossi first" Reid remembered he needed to give his facts to Rossi and maybe bridge a few gaps with him.
The foursome met back at the police station each ready to fire away with their new information. Before anyone started Prentiss burst into the door and slammed it back.

"Damn Hotch!" she yelled.

"What happened? Where is he?" Rossi asked.

"How the hell should I know? He ditched me after you guys left the station" she threw arms up.

Rossi took out his cell phone and called Hotch. It went straight to voicemail.

"Aaron’s phone’s not on right now."

"What’d you guys find out?" JJ asked Morgan.

"Well, Miranda is the one who hired that Detective"

"Why would she do that?" Prentiss became refocused.

"She was looking for Hotch" Rossi said shutting his cell phone.

"Well, that might explain how it came to be she came to him but JJ and I found Jeffery’s suitcase in the cab of the truck. The chipper had been cleaned before driven with the truck into the lake. Miranda spoke of him in the past tense when I asked her about her relationship with Jeffery." Reid said in one breathy sentence.

"So what does all this mean?" Prentiss was hoping someone had an answer.

"Baby girl?" Morgan tried connecting to Garcia.

"I’m already searching for Hotch" she came on the screen.

"Check his cell phone who was the last caller before me?"

"Oh my God...Miranda called him from her house."

"We’ve got to move" Rossi said heading out the door.
Hotch kept his gun close but not out like a good agent is supposed to. He walked up the steps and went to place his hand on the knob. Miranda opened it with tear filled eyes.


She rushed into his arms.

"Aaron, I need your help...I don’t love Jeffery and I never did! Please I know its going to be hard on you but I need you to leave with me"

His first thought sadly wasn’t his gun. He knew she was frightened of whoever killed Jeffery coming for her next.

"Miranda you don’t need to run away we’re going to catch the killer"

"NO! Aaron..." she pulled him inside the house.

It was almost like they were dancing she backed into the wall and pulled Hotch down to her height. Their lips met. The kiss was sweet and agonizing to Hotch at the same time.

After Foyet’s violation of Hotch’s nether regions he didn’t feel comfortable in a sexual repose. He went to pull back but she had a grasp on him. He finally broke free.

"I thought we could start over Aaron...I thought you cared. That’s why I came to you. To you not to those people on your team! They’re too smart!"

She was panicking. It just couldn’t end this way. She knew they’d discover her mistakes and her flawed plan to rid herself of Jeffery forever. She began wringing her hands.

Hotch then thought about his gun. What had happened to Miranda? She noticed the look in his eyes. There was no longer an emotional string to pull. There was a sense of clarity. She eyed the holster she watched his hands. They heard a car pull up. Hotch turned his head for a second and Miranda grabbed his gun.
She turned the safety off and aimed it at him.

"Dammit Aaron!!!! Look what you’ve done! I won’t go to prison! NO! I’ve been imprisioned my whole LIFE!!! Aaron you wouldn’t understand!!! I’m sorry I got you involved but I knew how much you liked me when we were teenagers!!"

She was heading up the stairs. Hotch had to think quickly because one his team was going to burst through the doors. And two he had no bullet proof vest.

"Miranda please give me the gun" Hotch held his arms up.

"NO! Aaron please call them off! Tell them I didn’t know what I was doing...Aaron I need your protection!!!"

"I can’t give you that if you don’t trust me...give me the gun and I can help you"

"Tell me that you love me...that you always loved me. That Nadine and Haley meant nothing"

It was sad to see what Miranda had become. She was a victim of abuse her entire life. No self-esteem or confidence. Hotch was beginning to understand. When they were kids her parents favored her sister and anything she want she made sure she got. Miranda went for abusive men because they were like her father. Hotch was different he showed kindness and favor to her. But he was kidding himself if he really believed he could prove her innocence while she was steadily confessing.

"You remember that day when I came outside and Nadine and you were kissing...why did you hurt me that way Aaron? How could you abandoned me like my parents did?"

"That kiss meant nothing to me...Nadine kissed me I didn’t want to kiss her. I wanted to kiss you"

"LIAR! You’re saying that because I have your gun!!! My sister cried for mercy too but I wasn’t buying it"

The last he had heard of Nadine Stevenson was she was beaten to death after the senior prom. The police arrested her then boyfriend for it because he was passed out with her blood smeared all over himself and his car. Not to mention the weapon was found in the trunk of his car.

"I showed my parents!!! They didn’t give a damn about me!!!! After Nadine was buried I became more of a nobody!!! AND YOU LEFT ME HERE TO ROT!"

"Miranda that’s not true...your mother loved you! She called me in college begging me to come back for you. She wanted me to rescue you from this hell" he said referring to the house.
She was confused she put her hands to her temples. Time was running out...they’d barge in any second.
Outside the police and the BAU were suited up and armed. Rossi met with several of the policemen.

"How many points of entry are there?" the officer asked Rossi.

"Three. Front door, back door, and cellar door. We’ll have four to each door. Morgan and I will take the front. JJ you take the cellar and Prentiss you and Reid take the back door"

They crept silently to the doors. Rossi got a glimpse into the window. He saw the back of Hotch’s head.

"It’s Hotch"

"We have visual contact of Agent Hotchner" the young officer radioed to the others.

Rossi could see he wasn’t protected and was unarmed.

"He’s unarmed" Rossi relayed to the officer to tell them.

"Any sight of her?" Sheriff Hanken asked Rossi.

"No, but he’s near the stairs I take it she’s in a stand off ready position. I think JJ and the first four need to enter first. She can let Prentiss and Reid know when it’s okay to enter we need to make sure Hotch is safe before we move otherwise she’ll shoot the both of them"

Once JJ got the okay she slid easily into the basement they silently went up the steps. She eased the basement door open a crack she saw Hotch’s side profile.

"Rossi I see him. No sign of Miranda"

"What do you hear?"

"Nothing I think she’s deciding what to do" JJ prayed that was just it.

JJ bravely opened the door a little more so to get Hotch’s attention. He glanced her way. JJ mouthed ‘Where is she?’

Hotch looked back at the stairs. Miranda was sobbing and rocking on the stairs.

"Listen to me if you love me Miranda you wouldn’t do this...not to yourself" Hotch had to make one last appeal.

"It’s over Aaron...your smart little team has me figured out probably and they’re here. There’s no way I can stop what’s about to happen."

She was getting up to go forward. Hotch had to protect JJ from being seen. She caught sight of JJ she was going to run but Hotch had her arm.

"HOTCH LET HER GO!" JJ screamed she could also see what was about to transpire. Hotch’s gun was an inch from his chest and Miranda’s finger was too near the trigger.
Everyone outside panicked when they heard JJ scream. Morgan and the police kicked in their doors.

"NO GUYS STOP!!! YOU’RE GOING TO MAKE HER PANIC! Miranda listen to me! Please drop the gun you’re going to shoot..."

The gun fired before JJ could finish. Hotch let go of Miranda’s arm suddenly and hit the floor.

Miranda was startled at what she had done. Blood oozed around Hotch’s slumped over body. She dropped his gun. The bullets fell out and spilled on the floor.

Fire seared through the team’s hearts. Miranda knew they wouldn’t hold back from firing at her so she ran upstairs. JJ holstered her gun and ran to Hotch followed by Prentiss who was still bearing her firearm. Reid couldn’t move he was too afraid if he went Hotch would surely be dead. Morgan couldn’t fathom what had just occurred but he knew it was his fault. If he had just let JJ do something Hotch might’ve been all right. Rossi didn’t stop for a second not even for his old friend.

There was a sharp pain literally in his chest for his old friend but he couldn’t let her get away. This was all a clever trap he was going to nail her.

He went towards the steps when he looked up to be faced with a barrel of scope rifle.

"Make any fucking moves and I’ll blow your ass through the fucking wall!!!" she screamed at him.

"Why’d you shoot him?" Rossi bravely questioned.

"It was accident Rossi...she didn’t intend on shooting Hotch...she was going to shoot herself!" JJ explained trying to turn Hotch over.

"Emily help me..." she sobbed out.

"Give me your guns! EVERYONE DROP YOUR WEAPONS!!!!"

The BAU had no problem complying. The police however had every objection.

"Tell them Agent Rossi or I’ll pick the rest of your team off like flies"

"Please stand down..." he hated resignation. She kept her aim on Rossi.

Morgan acted like he was bending down for Hotch but he seized the gun from his ankle and before Miranda could see him from the corner of her eye he shot her in the temple. She dropped the rifle and hit her knees then fell down the stairs.

Hotch began choking out. Everyone looked at him.

"Hotch?" he looked up at tear filled JJ. He couldn’t see her actual eyes just blue puddles. He felt light headed and felt like he was on another plane. He knew it was an accident but then he caught sight of Rossi staring at him with watery eyes.

Don’t you cry! Don’t you dare Dave! Don’t make me feel stupid then pity me!

"Dave..." he gasped out trying to get up.

"Hotch!" Prentiss tried to keep him down he shoved her hand away.

Typical man

Rossi helped him up and Morgan got on the other side to help carry him out of the house. Hotch looked back at Miranda laying on the staircase her eyes were wide open. He didn’t want this to end this way. He then looked at Rossi who was looking at him. He should have listened to his friend.

"I’m sorry..." he breathed out.

"For what?"

"Being an arrogant ass...who wouldn’t listen. You were right I let my heart rule my head."

"It’s okay you just wanted to believe she loved you and really needed you"

"She didn’t love me Dave but she did need me and I failed..." he said being helped onto the stretcher.

Rossi didn’t want Hotch to think of this as a failure. He didn’t want Morgan to think this was his fault in any way either. Nor did he want JJ to think of herself as weak for her emotional nature or that she was responsible either.

Time and time again they saw these things happen and play out the way the do. Rossi knows he and the rest of the team will go home and try to forget this case but unfortunately Hotch will not. The lines between personal and professional were blurred too finely this time. How much longer could Hotch stand this?
[Rossi’s voice]: Robert M. Pirsig quoted "We keep passing unseen through little moments of other people’s lives."
she thought.

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My HotchFest or Hotchathon!

November 23rd, 2009 (08:02 pm)

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I'm posting this to let everyone (who actually reads this LOL) I've gone off the wagon for Hotch...so don't be alarmed if you see lots Hotch icons & fics. I'm going through a tender stage with Mr. Hotchner right now (_nextboldmove_ was sooo right about him in 'Outfoxed'). So enjoy this because it's going to be raining Hotch soon!!!!

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Free Banners & Animations!

November 21st, 2009 (06:28 pm)

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I've been busy writing fanfiction but I also take time out to make Animated GIFS and JPEG banners. I don't mind if you use them I can always make plenty more!

Emily Prentiss & Jennifer Jareau
"Do you think anyone will see us go into this cheap motel room?"

Morgan, Reid, Rossi, & Hotch as The Players Club

Prentiss & Rossi true love always & forever

Emily Prentiss, I believe...

A cute Hotch animation like that credit card company. Shot of Scotch $7.50, Stay in the hospitial $2000.00, Hotch catching Foyet...Priceless.

Shootin The Shit with Reid, Hotch, Rossi, Prentiss, and Morgan

I hope anyone or everyone uses them...enjoy!

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Criminal Minds Christmas Banners!

November 19th, 2009 (01:06 pm)

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Tis the season for giving (I know it's a tad early) and I'm giving away three Criminal Minds banners featuring Emily Prentiss (2) and the cast. If you would like a banner made for yourself or someone or any kind of graphic just let me know and tell me what characters you would like. This isn't the only ones I will making but for right now.


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Criminal Minds Kink Meme - Reposted [Edit]

November 19th, 2009 (08:20 am)

How The Darkness Feels: bouncy
Ear Candy: Too much music in my brain to pick from!

EDIT: This Kink Meme is closed but you can click the link and still read the fics and check out unfulfilled prompts.

Check this out and participate but please READ their guidelines FIRST. It sounds cool though! Thanks to ansera
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November 19th, 2009 (07:46 am)
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Mapping The Darkness: Hotch's bed
How The Darkness Feels: horny
Ear Candy: Dirrrty

( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

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Not So Sweet 16 - December Entries

November 17th, 2009 (11:06 am)

Mapping The Darkness: Rossi's Pants
How The Darkness Feels: cheerful
Ear Candy: Kiss Kiss by Chris Brown & T-Pain

Title: Not So Sweet 16
Rated: R
Rated For: Language, sexual content
Disclaimer: As always they aren't mine but it is a pleasure to write for them!
Summary: JJ and Spencer have their first fight! Emily and Dave go through more ups and downs. Emily's big secret comes out...to everyone!

December 1

Dave hasn't called me yet and I don't know if he's back yet or not. He hasn't been in school either. Maybe she had a boy and they wanted to marry them immediately!

I miss JJ and Spencer so badly. And they had their first fight as a couple because Spencer found JJ kissing Hotch.

"How could you do this to me?"

"Spence I'm sorry I just want..."

"What? You want Hotch back?"

"No...I just wanted to see if he really didn't love me anymore! Now I see Spencer...I'm sorry!"

He didn't stay mad long. They're at their new school and back in love again. Penelope and Derek spent Thanksgiving together at Derek's house. His mother loved her but hopes they don't rush into sex. Like I did!

Oh diary I wish Dave would call or come by I need to know what's going on! Well, Nana and I are off to pick up JJ and Spencer. He's decided to move in with us at Nana's house. What kind of parents does he have?

December 3

Dave's back!!!! I'm so happy!!! I could tell from the look he gave me that he and Michela were over! He confirmed it when he kissed me at lunch.

"She had a girl?"

"No, she had a boy but I told her I'm in love with someone else who is having my baby also."

"Her family wasn't angry?"

"No but mine is...but they're going to share custody of Gian and Paolo"

It was too good to be true. And maybe it is but I have Dave now and I'm so happy. He drove me to his house after school. His mother and father were in a very foul mood.

"He could've been a rich man! He could've been the most powerful man from Alexandria to down here! You ruined him!"

That was less than encouraging words from his mother. His father didn't say anything just gave me mean looks everytime I entered or left a room. We went into his bedroom and he had everything strewn around and bags were packed.

"Where are you going?"

"Calm down bella mia...this is what happens when you disobey your father and mother. You get sent away and disowned."

"Where will you go?"

"A cousin's house a few minutes outside of town I probably won't be in school anymore. I plan to get a job to support myself and our baby"

Dave was throwing everything away just for me. I have to do something diary. I have to talk to Nana about this!

December 8

I asked Nana what I should do about Dave. She had such good advice.

"Let him do what he will. He's trying to be an honest man now. Good for him! You just do right by him and take care of that baby inside of you. I know you probably thought of an abortion when he decided to throw everything away but trust me it's a good thing he's throwing away a life of crime! If you love him, support him and his decisions"

He did come by a few days ago to Nana's house and introduced himself. He told me he got a job working as a mechanic's apprentice. Dave already knows bunches about cars and how to fix them (and how to make them blow up too) but they still wanted him to start out as an apprentice. He also brought me three hundred and seventy five dollars.

"What's this for?"

"Anything...you may need right now. I'll bring more once a week. Fridays. I have to go it's my turn to cook dinner"

I pulled him by his shirt and kissed him. It must've been the moment because I heard myself blurt out something.

"I love you..."

He smiled.

"I love you too"

Finally I think things are balancing out!

December 16

Yesterday I got a surprise and not a good one. I was waiting for Dave outside at lunchtime when a black car rolled up. A man stepped out of it and opened the backseat door. A short and slender brunette stepped out.

"Emily Prentiss?"

"Who are you?"

"Michela Luizzo..."

I looked into the car and saw her two sons. Paolo was bundled up in his rear facing carseat and Gian was asleep in his. They looked remarkably like Dave.

"Waiting for David?"

I didn't know what to say. I couldn't say anything really.

"I think you'd better reconsider David for the father of your baby or should he reconsider you for the mother of his child...Amelia?"

"How'd you know that name?"

"You used it in the abortion clinic did you not?"

"I didn't have the kind of baby's father that Dave is now..."

"It doesn't matter? You took a child's life...David loves our boys and no doubt he will love the baby you are carrying but I don't think he can love you for what you did."

"I made a mistake...I couldn't...."

"Excuses, excuses Emily, but they will not save you. Or your relationship with David. I will tell you what my mother and father will pay all of your medical expenses and find your baby a nice home...and I won't tell David about your past as Ameila okay? You must understand I love him...and he loves me but he will not come back unless you disappear. Get what I mean?"

She wanted me to let her father and mother take me away and give my baby up for adoption! I didn't want to but diary I would rather Dave think I ran off than know I killed my first baby.

"I will give you a week to think about it...it is a big decision after all. Ciao for now" and she was gone.

What should I do?

December 19

Dave came by yesterday and gave me more money. I felt bad for taking it because I only had until the twenty third to decide. Dave picked up on my tension.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing I'm just...horomonal"

I lied. He held me and kissed me a little longer then left Nana's house. I hate myself for what I'm about to do.

December 22

Michela lied she showed up yesterday at school! She walked in carrying Gian and her driver carried Paolo's carseat.

"So did you think about it?"

"Yes, but I thought you said I had a week?"

"What's one day? Either you take the deal and you can come back or I shame you so badly David will never ever want to look at you again"

"I don't want to go...I want to stay and be with Dave"

She narrowed her eyes and glared at me.

"You're making a mistake...Amelia!"

"Want daddy...." Gian wailed.

"You'll have daddy soon enough son. Lets go Gian has to get his haircut."

She had no physical evidence that I was ever Amelia she probably just called around. Either way a shit storm is about to hit. I need to be prepared.

December 26

I'm so glad Christmas is over...I feel like killing myself though. Christmas Eve was too good to be true. Dave came by for dinner at Nana's and we laughed and it felt so nice and loving. Christmas morning my mother came by.

"You disgust me. Was I not a good enough mother for you to tell that you were pregnant? You had to go behind my back and abort the child?"

That wasn't the worst part. Nana, JJ, and Spencer heard her. I couldn't look at them. She left then Dave showed up looking very angry. He slapped a folder onto the table.

"Do you not love me enough that you couldn't tell me the truth?"

"I'm sorry...I don't know how she got those! Dave it was the past! I didn't have..."

"You took an innocent child's life! How can you sleep at night? How do I know you won't hurt my baby?"

"Dave...please I love you and this baby!"

He didn't let me explain he just left. I should've left when I had the chance. I ran to my room and began packing I'm going to run away!

December 28

I left yesterday morning and Nana must've heard me. I didn't make it to the bus station when she drove up behind me and honked.

"Get in this car young lady! Before I give you a whipping you won't soon forget! Don't think just because you're pregnant I won't bend you over my knee!"

I broke down crying she got out and hugged me.

"I have to leave...you shouldn't have a baby murderer in your house!"

"Emily you are a kid still! I don't know why you kids believe you are grown! Dave will come around he's just being a hasty Italian"

"I love you Nana"

"I love you too Emily."

That was the greatest moment I ever had! I now know I have a real family with JJ, Spencer, and Nana. Hopefully with Dave too.

December 31

I called Dave and left him a message.

"You wanted me to let you explain! Well now you have to let me explain myself!"

He never called me back so I went to his cousin's. Michela's car was there and her driver was in the car reading a newspaper. When I knocked on the door I heard Michela was laughing.

"Daddy is funny isn't he Gian?"


I looked into the window they were sitting in the floor playing with Gian's toys. Dave picked Paolo up and rocked him gently.

"David...we can work this out. I love you very much. You don't want a pretender do you?"

I waited so anxiously for his answer but she kissed him. And from the looks he wasn't fighting her! I felt like screaming! This wasn't fair I was being judged for a past mistake that he wasn't even around for.

Here's my resolution for next year...to focus only on this child!

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Fractured - Broken Part Three

November 17th, 2009 (05:58 am)

Mapping The Darkness: Your Closet
How The Darkness Feels: contemplative
Ear Candy: Lady Antebellum

Title: Fractured
Rated: R
Rated For: Violence, Language
Disclaimer: Do not own but always a pleasure to serve!
Summary: The final confrontation between Hotch and Foyet. Hotch started out broken, when he couldn't protect JJ he was shattered, and now someone's going to pay...dearly!

No one seemed to notice the blood on Hotch's hands as he entered the hospital. Which being said that he was in a hospital might mean they wouldn't question it. He went into the bathroom before going to see JJ.

Bloody water filled the sink. Hotch scrubbed his hands so JJ and everyone wouldn't know what happened. He then watched the life force of his now deceased child swirl down the drain. Hotch closed his eyes but the image of the fetus wouldn't go away. He began hearing JJ screaming for dear life. It was too much.

Hotch grabbed onto the sink and let out of a cry. Tears spilled and splashed his arms. Anger soon replaced grief and he looked up in the mirror. Who was this man? He was only a piece, a fracture of who Hotch used to be. He knew how this would have to end. It became clear all too soon.

"Yeah..." he said aloud to his reflection and headed out the door.
Garcia was the only one in JJ's room when he came in. She watching her sleep dabbing a tissue to her eyes. Hotch couldn't let this make him too emotional right now.

"How long has she been asleep?" he startled her.

"Not long sir..." Garcia looked like she wanted to say something else but refrained. Instead she got up and went to walk out. She turned to Hotch before she left.

"This isn't your fault...you did the best you could. Don't beat yourself up okay?" he didn't answer just nodded in agreement.

Garcia was going to leave but she had a lot more on her mind.

"Sir? When I first met you I thought 'Hey what a jerk' but now I know why...your job well this job isn't easy. You've been such a great leader. You still find ways to amaze me and I know Derek is now the chief but you're always going to be the boss to me and to the rest of them. Please don't do something...you're going to regret. JJ needs you we all do. Don't abannoned your family...we're all we have sir."

That was the very reason Hotch had to catch Foyet. This was more than just Haley and Jack, it was bigger than just Erin Strauss. It was about the tight knit family he had within his team. The six faces he sees everyday of his life that he has taken the time to bond with. Given advice to, and puts his life in their hands and knows they believe the same in him. No, this wasn't just about catching Foyet it was about making sure he never harmed another person he loved...ever again!

Hotch kissed JJ's forehead she blinked her eyes.

"Hotch..." she cried out weakly.

"Don't talk okay?" he stroked her hair.

"I'm sorry..."

Anger boiled inside of him. Foyet actually was making JJ believe this was her fault! He couldn't stay much longer because he knew the longer he stayed the more quickly Foyet would move.

"JJ I promise this isn't over yet but it's coming to a close. I will catch him." He was heading out the door. JJ tried reaching for him. She lifted the blankets trying to get out of bed.

"Hotch wait! Please stay! I need you..."

He turned back and tucked her back into the bed. She kissed his lips.

"Please tell me that you love me"

"You know I do"

"Say the words please...I need you to say it"

He looked into her tearful blue eyes. Her pain was more than visible. Hotch became bewildered inside because he knew it was his fault that pain was there. If he had just made JJ stay away from him...he couldn't think of that now he had to move.

"I love you" he kissed her passionately.

"But I have to go now..." he whispered in her ear.

"Promise you'll come back to me?"

"I make no guarantees except that Foyet's time is done"

"Hotch? HOTCH...!"

It killed him to hear JJ crying and screaming for him but that was always his problem. Staying when he needed to be letting go.

Hotch was getting his car he was going to set himself up to Foyet. He was going to act like prey to catch his predator. His phone went off. It was Garcia.

"Garcia I know JJ's crying but..."

"Don't speak, listen..." it was Foyet. A bubble of nausea hit him. Would this stop? Would this ever end?
"If you want to see Ms Garcia again and alive..."

"No more games Foyet! We both know it's me you want! I'll go. Just leave her behind somewhere and tell me where to go. I'm through fighthing you"

"All right. I'll leave her behind somewhere as you put it. That's just like a father isn't it? Always willing to do anything for his children?"

What the hell was he talking about now?

"I think Ms Garcia said something to that effect? They are your family aren't they? Your investment...your own personal paradise are those six aren't they? You should never underestimate a criminal even with your emotional state. And what did you realize in that long, hard look into the mirror hmmm?"

He was in the hospital, in the bathroom. He kidnapped Garcia in broad daylight!

"You sick fuck if you hurt her...I will rip your fucking balls off you!"

He heard him cackling with laughter.

"Oh Aaron you slay me with these empty threats! What kind of psychological warfare is this? Perhaps we should get Dr. Reid and find out!"

Foyet was going to start threatening the team. Dammit why did he have to have feelings for these people?

"Would you like that Penelope? If I were to kidnap your friend Dr. Reid?"

"Please...LET ME GO!" she wailed.


"How's it feel to be a sitting duck? One hour Aaron...one hour" he hung up.

Hotch knew he should go to the team but Foyet had a point. He felt like a father to them. He wanted to protect them. Hotch said a silent prayer for Garcia because in one hour she might gone.
Morgan was pacing the floors in front of where Rossi and Prentiss were sitting. Reid was sitting at the table reading a book.

"Morgan the carpet is wearing..." Rossi said and he stopped.

"Where the hell is Hotch? He should've been here."

"Garcia said she saw him already he was in with JJ" Prentiss said.

Everyone looked at one another. That wasn't a good sign.

"In fact where did Garcia go?"

"She said she needed air" Reid filled in.

Morgan took out his phone and dialed Garcia. It rang and rang then went to her voicemail.

"Garcia it's Derek call me okay?" he hung up and shut the phone. He flipped it back up and dialed Hotch.

"You'd better answer..."


"Hotch have you seen Garcia?"

He didn't answer.


"Derek what I've done is for the best for you guys all right?"

"What are you talking about man?"

Strauss walked into the door along with police and other agents.

"He called us..."
Morgan put Hotch on speaker.

"You will remember our deal won't you Aaron?"

"Yes, I will give my resignation as soon as this is over"

Morgan truly was pissed off now.

"But you will also remember your part of the deal?"

She gritted her teeth and sighed heavily.

"Yes, police and FBI here with your team for maximum protection. You do what you must to get Garcia back and whatever else then you resign" the whatever else was code for killing Foyet.

Hotch hated having to call her. But he knew if he didn't call the team would be out looking for him and Garcia.

His watch read he had thirty more minutes.
Garcia awoke but could tell right away she had been blindfolded. She felt something cold and sharp drag against her jawline. A knife blade.

"Hello Penelope...we have thirty minutes before mine and Aaron's arrangement. I think that's enough time don't you?"

"Please...I don't what you want from me but please just let me go."

"This really isn't about what you can give me...it's about what I can give to your father like boss!"

Foyet raised the blade and began stabbing Garcia. He wasn't caring anymore if she lived or died. She didn't scream like JJ. Instead she decided to go out brave and silent. Only making a few small noises. That would've been how Hotch would go out. She had to make him proud.

Garcia was hanging on for dear life. Foyet removed her blindfold and stared into her eyes.

"Trying to make daddy proud are we?" he lifted her by her hair.

"Not today..." he said and slit her throat from ear to ear.

"He'll kill you...Hotch..." she gurgled in her final moment.
Hotch looked down at his watch. The hour was over. He looked at his phone why hadn't he called yet? Just in time the phone rang and Garcia's number showed up.

"Where is she?"

"Look behind your vehicle...one shouldn't fall asleep in their car Aaron. See you real soon..."

Hotch hesitantly stepped out of the vehicle. He saw her feet sticking out under a white sheet. He ran to her quickly.
"Garcia?" maybe he drugged her. She wasn't dead or so he convinced himself. He placed his fingers on the sheet he closed his eyes and lifted it away.

"Garcia..." he cried out. He kissed her forehead and bawled.

The emergency room doors burst open with Hotch carrying a limp Garcia.

"SOMEBODY HELP ME!" the nurses brought a stretcher and helped him lay her down.

"Sir...she's dead" the nurse told him.

"No she..." he couldn't finish for the tears.

"There is FBI in your hospital the man you want is SSA Agent Derek Morgan he is the Unit Chief of the Behavorial Analysis Unit make sure he gets her" Hotch walked out.

He decided to track Garcia's phone with a little help from Kevin Lynch.
Kevin was startled when Hotch burst into his office.

"You do know you aren't allowed on FBI property anymore right?"

"Listen to me...I need you to track and trace Garcia's phone."

"Why what's happened to my love bunny?"

Besides the fact that Hotch didn't want to know why he called her love bunny. He didn't want to explain her death to him either.

"DO IT!"

Kevin jumped and started typing right away. It took a minute but an address popped up.

"It's your apartment..."
Hotch kicked in his own apartment door and aimed his gun in true FBI fashion.

"We're really past all that aren't we? You and I both know you aren't an agent anymore..."

He lowered his gun and stepped inside.

"You're now a hunter...you are thinking and acting rashly and impulsive. Welcome to my level you now know what it takes to be a serial killer...you have that instinct now. I had to drag it out of you...so you would understand finally! We are more like brothers now..."

Hotch sneered.

"We aren't anything Foyet...and you will never be anything ever again!" he ran towards him. Foyet ducked and
charged Hotch knocking him to the ground.

"Just like old times eh Aaron?" Foyet threw his gun across the floor and flipped out his knife's blade.

"Parting is such sweet sorrow..." Foyet was about stab Hotch when he felt a painful burning in his side. He gasped out and looked to see Hotch's hand attached to a knife.

"You were right...I'm on your level but I do this for love!" he went to flip Foyet but he got up and staggered. He went to run out the door after grabbing Hotch's gun. He looked back and fired several shots to keep Hotch from following.

He reached the outside and thought he was home free when he saw Morgan, Rossi, Prentiss, and Reid aiming at him. They weren't in their FBI vests. This was a more personal matter.

"Drop to your knees fuckbag...beg for mercy!" Morgan ordered. Foyet hit his knees he dropped the gun and his knife.

"You'll never take me alive..."

"Who said we wanted you alive?"

With a wicked gleam in his eyes he tore the knife out of his side and put it to his throat. Morgan fired four times into his chest. He dropped the knife Hotch stabbed him with.

"You ain't gettin out that easy! You aren't taking your life...I am!" Morgan yelled as he hit the ground. Hotch came out of the building. Everyone was silent and just looking remorseful.

It was over. Finally.
Two months later...

"Mr. Hotchner, Ms. Jareau so nice to finally meet you two..."

JJ and Hotch shook the woman's hand.

"Are the children available right now?" JJ asked.

"Well the oldest ones are in class but if you'd like to meet the infants I can take you to the nursery"

JJ looked at Hotch and he nodded.

"That would be wonderful."

There were four newborns two girls and two boys in the nursery at the orphanage. JJ and Hotch finally decided to adopt and since Jack was home they wanted someone for him to be able to play with someday. He was so excited that his daddy was going to bring home a baby sister or brother.

The girl on the end caught JJ's attention. She was rather small and had the blondest hair.

"Do they have names yet?"

"Actually we give them nicknames until the couples adopt them. You can name her whatever you want"

JJ looked at Hotch with tear filled eyes as he came over. They stared down at their new baby girl together. He hugged them closely to him.

"We'll name her Penelope."

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Not So Sweet 16 - November Entries

November 15th, 2009 (07:39 pm)

Mapping The Darkness: World Wide Web
How The Darkness Feels: determined
Ear Candy: Nickelback

Title: Not So Sweet 16
Rated: R
Rated For: Sexual Content, language
Disclaimer: not my characters or concept.
Summary: Emily confronts Dave's family and faces down the worst day ever...JJ gets a sweet surprise from Spencer.

November 3

After school today I walked to Dave's house to talk to his mother and father. Boy did I get some shocking news!

"Is Dave home?"

"I'm sorry sweetie he's with his aunt to visit Michela"

"Do you know when he'll back from visiting his Aunt Michela?"

"No sweetie Michela isn't his aunt it's his fiancee...they have a son together"

My eyes grew the size of a small platter. He was engaged and had a baby?!?

"Do you remember me at all I'm Emily Prentiss...I visited your restauraunt with your son and we came here"

"Yes, his friend very sweet girl. He tells me you're interested but sadly he is to be bethrothed next spring I'm sorry but he will call you as soon as he gets back"

"I was girlfriend...he and I..had sex"

She didn't look very phased. In fact she looked like she pitied me like I was living in some fantasy world!

"You aren't the first girl to come to my home and declare that David has made love to you but I assure you he is faithful to his Michela she is pregnant with his second baby"

"Wait...I don't understand you arranged this marriage?"

"No he fell in love with her but he cannot live there anymore the police have fingered him wrongly for a crime so she comes twice a month to his aunt's house and brings Gian to see him"

My head was spinning diary and I felt so sick. I now know David Rossi is a fake! Stupid bastard! But diary as I spill all this I can honestly say I still want him! I want to believe him and in him! I'm a sad whore!

November 6

As if things couldn't get worse I'm pregnant!!!! Why me God?!? I know I did this to myself but I was in love and I wanted to keep Dave so bad...But I also found that I'm not alone.

"Em...there's a reason I don't want to go inside with you"

"I know JJ these places make you nervous"

"No...I was here two weeks ago. I missed my period so I started to suspect it. I took a home one first one pink line and I've screwed my life up forever!"

JJ and I cried together. I have never had a best friend quite like her or Penelope.

"What'd your parents say JJ?"

"Abort it but I told them God wouldn't want that so they sent me to my grandmother's house..." she bawled.

"I told Hotch and he freaked out and said I'm a whore who cheated on him...he said it wasn't his baby! Oh Em I'm so alone and so scared!"

That's when we saw Spencer standing behind her.

"You're not alone JJ...your grandmother told me you'd be with Emily and I kind of figured something might've been up. JJ I love you...I want you to know that I care for you and as long as I am Spencer Reid you will never be alone!"

That was the sweetest thing I'd ever heard a guy say to a girl. It was like the movies but they didn't kiss just hug. After two awkward hours I got my prognosis and I came out bawling. Spence and JJ both hugged me.

"I guess we're in this together huh?" she asked me.

"I guess so..."

November 9

Thankfully my belly isn't showing but it didn't take long for everyone to find out JJ was pregnant. Everytime Hotch heard this he denied it and said that Spencer was the father. He even called her a 'cheating whore' I wish I could bust his and Dave's balls!

Speaking of Mr. Rossi he came back today! I saw him and he tried to act like nothing had happened!

"Mmm you look so tasty bella mia..."

"Get your hands off me!" (he tried rubbing my hips)

"What's the matter? Are we PMSing?"

"No...I won't have another one of those for about eight months! Oh and how's Michela and Gian?"

I went to leave and he intercepted me.

"Who told about her?"

"Your mother...why didn't you just say 'hey I want to fuck you and that's it' that way I could of at least felt less of a slut!"

"I don't love her...my parents are making me marry her for family politics! Her family owns..."

"I DON'T CARE DAVID!!! I'm done with you! And now I'm stuck in a mess and I can't get myself out of...so you can take your big Italian prick and go fuck yourself with it! I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN!"

Truth is I looked into his eyes and I saw the real Dave Rossi. I don't think he was lying to me about not loving her but it hurt he lied about being with someone else. I hope I've made the right decision. Now I just have to tell my mother...

November 12

I still haven't told mom yet. I'm too scared she and dad got into a fight and dad left two nights ago. I think about Dave constantly. Mom gave me my phone back and Dave has been burning the line up. His voicemails are all the same pracitically except a few of them.

"Emmy please call me I can and will explain everything...I promise!"

"Emily why won't you call me back?!? I'm sorry I lied about Michela and Gian...Please call me!"

"Dammit girl! Why are you doing this to me? Please let me tell you the truth!"

"OKAY FINE YOU WIN! I won't call you EVER again!" (He lied and he apologized too)

I was getting ready to cave when JJ called me. I knew her number immediately.


"Em is he still calling you?"

"Yes and he's beeping in as we speak...JJ I'm going nuts I need to talk to him"

"Don't be weak okay? Listen I talked to my Nana she said you can stay in the spare room next to mine if you want. But it's not permanent or anything just until you have the baby and decide what you're going to do with him or her"

That's what I loved most about JJ she never referred to her baby as it. She treated them like human beings even before they're born. She was more motherly than I because when I had my first abortion I didn't think of them as a human life. Just an expendable...I promise never to do it again.

I have to tell mom soon. Before I start to show.

November 18

I'm on the road with mom she's taking me to get fitted for a dress she picked out. There's a benefit for UNICEF she wants me to attend with her. I'm scared because I've been eating like crazy and I know I'm gaining a little bit of weight. My face is starting to chub out. It must be something with Italian babies.

She's so chipper right now how can I destroy this? Please God give me the strength to tell her!

November 19

I'm so lost and scared and I'm going to eat myself into a coma. Yesterday I told her! The woman brought the dress and mom sized it at a 2 and I've already gone up to size 6!!! Mom was outraged and thought the woman didn't want to sell me the dress. She argued with her then started in on me about my eating habits.

"Emily it's all that junk food you've scarfing down after school! Honestly! You've been eating like a pig...you know this benefit means alot to me!"

I sat there while my mother put me down in front of complete strangers. I had enough and I blurted it all out...

"Well you know what MOM! I'm sorry I'm not the starved bitch you are! I'm pregnant! And I know you hate me so this doesn't make a difference!!! But I promise as God as my witness I WILL NOT BE THE MOTHER YOU ARE!"

She walked out diary. She left me in the store and left me in town. I don't know if she drove home because she's not answering my calls! I called JJ's Nana's house. She picked me up and took me to her house. By far she is the nicest woman on the face of the earth!

"Will you need me to help you get your things?"

"No, I don't need much because my clothes won't fit and I got the most important thing...my diary"

She drove me over and mom wouldn't even look at me. I packed what I could in my suitcase and duffel bag. I took pictures of me and dad. I grabbed jewelry for pawning for money. Everything else I left because they were reminders of mom.

When I came downstairs with tear filled eyes. Hoping for one last appeal to my mom she didn't look at me. Instead she kept her cold repose, arms crossed and tight face. I waited for a minute then just was going outside when she spoke.

"I'm disappointed in you Emily...I had expected better from you! You are a Prentiss...what a shame. What a waste of almost sixteen years. Are you proud of yourself young lady?"

I didn't answer.

"Answer when you are spoken to!"

"Yes mom I'm very proud! You know JJ and I were thinking of wearing signs on our backs declaring how big of whores we are!"

She slapped me and this time I hit the floor.

"Get out of my house! I have no daughter!"

This has to be the darkest day of my life...

November 22

Word somehow got out at school about my pregnancy. Everyone is whispering about JJ and I behind our backs and are pretending to our faces that they're there for us. How stupid do they think we are?

All and all I'm doing better now that I'm in a supportive home. Nana (I'm so fond of her!) has been so kind to me and she takes me to doctor's visits and she help me alter my clothing for later on in my pregnancy. Thankfully I can still wear some of my sweats.

JJ has started having really rapid weight gain so Nana took her to her doctor and she's having twins!! I'm only six weeks (almost 2 months) and it will be hard to tell. I know I'm constantly vomitting but Nana says it's not an option to stay home from school.

"Girls were getting pregnant when I was your age and we still went to school...as a matter of fact we had to walk!"

School maybe a little awkward right now especially for poor JJ and Spencer. Spencer half the time is being congratulated for having sex and the other half is the geeky kids saying what a shame he's wasting his life on JJ. She's about to transfer to a private school for pregnant teens anyways and Spencer decided to stay with her (they have an excellent program for the young fathers to be). I'm so happy for them but I can't help but wish that kind of love for my baby too.

They deserve a father. I need to talk to Dave before Thanksgiving break because more than likely he'll spend the holidays with Michela and Gian (I'm really starting to envy this girl!). I've had no contact because mom cut my cell phone off and my private bank account. So I'm phoneless and broke. Thank God for the charity of others!

November 23

Today was the last day of school for Thanksgiving break. I'm sad because when I come back it'll be just Penelope, Derek, and me. Speaking of those two they are full on in love now but are smart enough not to throw away their lives for the heat of the moment. Lucky dogs!

JJ and Spencer will be attending Lukather's Parenthood Reformatory. JJ could stop talking about how they let her eat whenever she wants and gets to nap in the middle of the day. Since her parents are paying for it I won't be able to attend (Spencer has a part time job to pay his tution and Nana talked JJ's mom and dad into it). Mom would laugh and have me arrested for trespassing if I asked for the money.

But I found Dave in the parking lot. I skipped fourth period to catch him. He was lighting a cigar talking on his cell phone in Italian. I was only able to understand two words. Bella mia. He must've been talking to Michela. I thought about walking away and tried to but he grabbed my arm.

"Emily...does this mean you want to talk now?"


He opened the other door for me.

"Get in"

I was hesitant because Penelope was right it was an Italian deathtrap! But I got in and drove real slow.

"Michela's family owns a couple restaurants in Northern VA and a few other side businesses..."

"Drug operations? Illegal businesses?"

"Either way they're loaded and my family wants in on their businesses. Since they don't have a son and Michela is the oldest daughter they wanted me to cozy up to her. That was the easy part but pleasing her is the hard part...I gave her father a grandson as agreed. My mother told you I was faithful that's because she had to. Her family is keeping an eye on me so I don't break the agreement..."

"You sick fuck! You're a horrible father to that little boy! He deserves better!"

"HEY! I provide for my son! But don't worry if she has a girl the marriage is off. She still owes my family a son! See Gian will head up her family's business and if she has a girl that's no damn good"

"You're talking about an innocent child Dave! Who isn't even born yet!"

"I'm not saying I won't love them and teach them what I can but that's business. Listen I love you Emily and I know you've been missing me...."

I knew when he turned down a dirt road he wanted to fool around. He stopped and turned the car off.

"Turn it back on it's freezing out there"

"Lets use body heat...I want to show what love feels like" he started kissing me on the neck.


"Please what Emmy?"

"Make love to me..."

I should've been more prepared when I begged him to make love to me. He was so tender and passionate with me. It felt glorious! It was after five before he got me back to Nana's.

She wasn't too happy about it but when I confided in her about Dave she was more supportive.

"Money is always more important to their kind. But it sounds to me this Dave is different. Don't give up hope on him but don't waste your life on him either! Pretty soon he'll have to make a choice dear..."

Good point!

November 28

Today is the last day of break. I feel so stuffed! Nana made a wonderful dinner and JJ's parents even came. But unfortunately Hotch showed up.

"What are you doing here Hotch?"

"I just wanted to check on you...I sort of miss you"

"Oh what a great comfort...Aaron 'Jackass' Hotchner thinks of someone other himself!"

"I'm sorry Jennifer...I want you back! I will come by here everyday if I have to!"

"Don't bother I will have my Nana have you locked up!"

He kissed her and she punched her way out of it.

"You going to tell everyone you're a sorry ass and that you're the father?"

"You know I can't do that...I have a rep to protect and my old man is such a hard ass!"

"Then we have nothing to discuss!"

"Wait! I love you Jennifer Jareau! And if that's what it'll take to win you back then dammit I'll do it..."

She still ended up slamming the door on him but after Spencer left she confessed to still be in love with him! Poor Spencer!

Dave has been calling me at Nana's house disguising his voice. But he was busted out by Nana herself!

"Listen boy I know who you are! I know what want and it's a damn shame you can't make up your mind! You'd better get your story straight boy!"

He told me Michela went into labor early and they didn't know at the time if she had a girl or boy he was on his way to see the child.

"Emmy promise me if all bets are off with Michela you and are back on for good"

"I promise!"

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